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    Michelle reacted to attila in How to use Wavegen to trigger Scope   
    Hi @Michelle
    In Scope configure trigger Normal, source Wavegen 1, press Single or Run and start Wavegen.
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    Michelle reacted to attila in Oscilloscope Logging problem   
    Hi @Michelle
    With the Logging tool you can save individual acquisitions in separate files or perform custom logging.
    By selecting Execute Each acquisition it will automatically save each acquisition, up to the specified Maximum number.
    The samples in the acquisition are limited by the high speed device buffer, 8k (or 16k with the 2nd device configuration under Settings/DeviceManager) for each channel at up to 100Msps.
    Select Mode Record and you can configure to capture more samples in an acquisition.
    With this, you can acquire up to 10M samples at lower rate, limited by USB bandwidth to about 1-2Msps.