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  1. Hi Bianca & Team, I waiting for your team response on shared Step file. Can you please look into my request and respond me at earliest? Regards, Praveen.
  2. Hi Team, Thank you for your e-mail and support. I tried to import step file in CREO environment. But I observed that, Step file is not showing complete details of Nexys Video board. I also see that, it is showing warnings while opening given from Creo environment. Especially, I need FMC connector location details and Pin "1" location of the same. Please look into the same and feel free to ask me if you need more information. Regards, Praveen.
  3. Hi Team, We are designing an Interfacing card and this card will interface with Nexys Video Board through FMC connector. For which , we would like to have Nexys Video board layout files for our reference. And also, it would be great if you can share Nexys Video Board Step Or DXF file, which will help us to find exact location of connectors and height details of each component available on the board. Appreciated if you can provide us your response at earliest. Regards, Praveen.
  4. Hi Team, Can you please share us Nexys Video Board Layout file for our reference purpose. Regards, Praveen.