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    Arty-Pmod Help

    I'm attempting to follow the "Basys 3 General I/O Demo" ( This page has forwarded me to "Using Digilent Github Demo Projects" ( That page has forwarded me to "Arty Pmod VGA Demo" ( (1) I went and installed and merged the board files into board_parts ( (2) When I attempt to run the "Pmod-VGA" project and generate bitstream I get the following error: ...does this have to do with the board support files? What source files do I add to get this to work? [filemgmt 20-730] Could not find a top module in the fileset sources_1. Resolution: With the gui up, review the source files in the Sources window. Use Add Sources to add any needed sources. If the files are disabled, enable them. You can also select the file and choose Set Used In from the pop-up menu. Review if they are being used at the proper points of the flow. Some details: -I'm using a Digilent Basys3 Board -Vivado 2014.4 -Very new to FPGAs so I'm really trying to follow the simple tutorials as best I can Any help is appreciated!
  2. Bianca, I think I need to find a different USB cable to make sure I have the ability to transfer data. I have included a screenshot showing that this Hardware is not showing up when I plug it in. Thanks for all your help with these (basic) challenges
  3. Hi Bianca, yes the board is powered up and is running the counting demo. Dan is mentioning the "Windows System" via the control panel. I'm not sure exactly what that means. I am trying to find where my computer is recognizing the Basys 3 but having trouble.
  4. Thanks Dan for your help. I think I might need some pointers from the Digilent Team come Monday. Would you be able to point me at a resource to learn how to program via USB? Vivado is still not recognizing my Basys 3 device. When I open Hardware Manager I am unable to connect to a target. The things I have tried: (1) Multiple attempts at Help -> Add Design Tools or Devices to make sure I am installing the Cable Drivers (2) It had me install WinPCap or something (3) Restarted in a new project diligently following every instruction -> I still have the same problem.
  5. Hi thanks for the help but I'm still having problems. Below are my options for installation. I made sure to check Install Cable Drivers but I am getting the same server error when trying to open a new target. My next step is to completely reinstall Vivado to make sure I obtain the correct drivers and license files. Any other suggestions
  6. I am trying to follow the "Getting started with Vivado and Basys3" tutorial. When trying to get to step 5.7, I am trying to open a target (my Basys 3) but I am getting this error: "There is no valid target connected to the server. You must fix the problem or select another server before proceeding." Some details: -I have continuity cap for QSPI in the JP1 spot and continuity cap for USB in the JP2 spot. How do I get Vivado to recognize my Basys 3? Please help!!
  7. I am trying to follow the "Getting started with Vivado and Basys3" tutorial. At step 4.2, I am trying to Run Synthesis but I am getting a licensing error after it says "Synthesis Failed" I just got my Basys 3 shipped to me today from RoboShop. Is there an easy way to get an appropriate license for this? Please help!!