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  1. Exactly. This is my first try. I need a way to turn on/off one external device (in this case a Arduino, but I test with one LED) using the FPGA, so no matter what PIN is, only need a 3.3V. When I saw the PMod I thought that all PINs are 3.3V output. In my mind, probably wrong, I can take any one (JC1/K17 of example) to connect into the VIN of the Arduino. But in reality this is under 3.3V, so I can't power up. When I tested it with a LED the light weaker than the JC6. So probaby the JC1 voltage is less than 3.3V.
  2. Hi, I start learning about FPGA some days ago but I have a problem with the "PMod". I want to simple turn an Arduino on/off, direct from the VIN (this support 3.3V) using a Basys 3, using the PMod connector. For simplicity I replace the Arduino for one led, for test propose. When I connect the Arduino into the 3.3V + GND on FPGA the Arduino (and the led) work very well, as expected. However, when change the wire from ā€œ3.3Vā€ to another port (K17 for instance) this fail. The light of the led is weak and the Arduino not turn on. I not have a multimeter to see what is the voltage or