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  1. Thanks @attila ! I will give the new software a try later. The protocol I'm trying to analyse is the LCD commands sent to/from a Hitachi HD44780 compliant module, it doesn't seem to fall directly into one of the predeined protocals. You can probably see what I;m doing now in the screenshot above (4 data pins & RW, RS, Enable (Clock). I would like to be able to trigger when a certain sequence has been sent/recieved. If there's a better way to do this in Waveforms I'd be glad to learn it! Matt
  2. I seem to be having trouble getting the AD2 to trigger on a repeated pulse. If I trigger on the edge of DIO 7 then it triggers OK (see logic_trigger_simple), problem is that power up sends spurious signals sometimes and so I'm tring to pulse on the counter. I have the counter set up as the other screenshot but it just will not trigger like that. There is no reset so I've set reset to DIO 15 which is unused and tied to ground. How can I get this to trigger on the number of pulses. Also, in the protocol triggeringl, is there any way to trigger on a sequence of hex values, rather than just one - if not in the main software - can this be done with the SDK? Thanks, Matt