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  1. Sorry for the late respond. I have been looking more into it and yeahh its seems dificult. I have decided to start interfacing with the vdma using the mmap() method, once that is working and i have adquire more kwonledge on the VDMA i will try with the drivers. DO you know of any links that have good information on this topic, mostly because it seems that there needs to be a lot of configuration of the VDMA registers and the documentatio on it seems really sparse. Mostly i am trying to use the mm2s part of the VDMA. In any case, thanks for the previous response
  2. Hello everyone, I have been working in the arty z7, working to output HDMI video from a camera conencted by ethernet . While the ehternet hardware, driver and code are fully functional. I have yet to make the hdmi function on the OS. Currently, i have follow succesfully the following tutorial, that means that i have the hardware for HDMI in and out and can use through the provided Bare metal application. Now, i have to move this functional hardware form a bare metal application to a OS application, for that i need some drivers to control the Axi Stream conected to the VDMA and to the HDMI output. To be honest I dont even know where to start with this task, do any of you have any pointers, are there pre-developed drivers for this situation?. Thanks for any information PD: the current version of OS i am using is linaro, i dont think it changes anything but just in case.