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  1. Generating project failed

    Finally, everything works I loaded this repository previously just this time it works Thanks for all your help. Suddenly I learned a lot through this simple demo
  2. Generating project failed

    Hello, It took me awhile to learn a little about Vivado and thanks to your help I finally generate bitstream and program FPGA. But it still doesn't run perfectly. The USB terminal works but HDMI doesn't display anything. I suppose it may be caused by few critical warnings I can't fix, like this: [BD 41-51] Could not find bus definition for the interface: TMDS "create_project.tcl" doesn't create TMDS (clk_n, clk_p, data_n [2-0], data_p [2-0]) ports so I do it manually (by "add new port") but the warnings still don't disappear. Is there a better way? Thanks for any help
  3. Generating project failed

    Hello, I'm trying to build this demo: and I have error while generating project (after run in console "source ./create_project.tcl") WARNING: [IP_Flow 19-2406] Cannot identify part xc7k325tffg900-2 ERROR: [IP_Flow 19-2232] Current project options are not valid, cannot get 'PROJECT_PARAM.PART' Please help Any idea why it happens? I have: Windows 8.1 Vivado 2016.4 HLx WebPACK