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  1. Thank you guys. @attila @av_disp This sounds not that promising. But I checked my calculations. So now 5Mhz of samples would be great enough, or 2,5Mhz for less precision. So if I understood you right, I'll have a chain of data which is a specific period of time long and then it takes about 10ms to get the buffer cleared and start the data loggin again at 5Mhz? I would need the volt values in a format to bring it afterwards into excel. Would there be a time value to every volt value? Yes i red about the RPi problems. Since the RPi does not have any USB3.0, it wouldn't be usable at all. So for the beginning I would forget about that and for the first step just test it with a pc. And if that could work I can search for another solution to safe the data mobile. Something like that maybe: It has a USB3.0 port. In combination with a fast USB Stick.
  2. Hi @av_disp, thanks for your replay. Ok i see the problem. I'll get an analog volt signal from an AD8302 (phase detector). That one is build into an rc helicopter(lets say it is planed to be in one). So I am looking for a solution that can log the data for one flight and being small and light at the same time. I will check the math again if i really need the 100MSPS. But lets imagine I want to use the AD2 as a logger. And I want to use the 100MSPS. How long are the periods that it would log the data(or how long are the gaps;))? I guess then the raspberry would be a limitation in terms of transferring the data out of the buffer onto the sd card?
  3. Hi guys, I would like to find out if it is possible to log an analog signal at 100MSPS for about 5 to 10 minutes? I red that the buffer of the AD2 is very limited so it wont safe a continuously file without any gaps. But this would be fundamental. If there are these gaps, is it possible to estimate the length of these gaps? If this would work, what proper solutions are there to safe the data? I thought a Raspberry would be perfect for this. But I red that the AD2 has some problems with it. How would the software waveforms safe the data? Is it easy to export it to excel? Would be great if you can help me. Pascal