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  1. Hi, I'm doing my thesis is about a prototype of a greenhouse, the area is as follows: 9.8 feet (long) x 4.9 feet (wide) x 6.56 feet (high). I am going to buy a card to develop an embedded system in which the logic of control and monitoring, temperature, humidity, and irrigation system will be programmed. My question is, which platform would you use for this type of projects? nexys 4, zybo zynq-7000 or other?, what advantages would the platform they select, with the same development with a fpga digilent card as NI MYRIO or single rio board ?, I hope they can help. -Time limit between 300 and 700 dollars for the card -The signals to measure 8 temperature signals (2), relative humidity (2), conductivity (2), ph (2). - need to control 4 actuators irrigation system (1), ventilation system (2), radiator (1) -For the monitoring will be a user session interface. - It is necessary to register about 9 data, mentioned above and additionally the speed of time. "Supervision will be done from my laptop.