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  1. I am very short of spare time at the present, but I intend to do some more videos at some point in the future and this is one of the topics on the list. Thank you for your technical contribution and I look forward to seeing the final result.
  2. I cannot try this right away, but I appreciate your work and will definitely look more at it in a little while. Keep up the good work and perhaps you could do a video about it at some point and post it on YouTube. Let me know if I can help in any way. I know there are many [email protected] users who are looking for something like this for audio testing. tomtektest
  3. I'm glad to see someone working on this; please keep us informed of your progress. I have not yet found a list of the new SA commands in 3.6.8, have you found them? I also look forward to seeing your script and would appreciate getting a copy (or access to it through the Digilent Forum) I have experience (commercial with languages like Java Script but have only used Python in small applications to help my granddaughters with some Raspberry Pi projects.
  4. I am trying to find the script commands to access the Spectrum Analyzer in the Analog Discovery 2. I would like to specifically access the THD function to read a series of values at different frequencies (using the Wavegen), plot them and save them to a file. I am generally familiar with the use of scripts and have made them work on the scope, wavegen, etc. but cannot seem to find the commands to access the Spectrum Analyzer in Waveforms 2015. I have also used the debug function as well as the plot function so what I need are the specific access routines for the spectrum analyzer and its subfunctions (like THD, SNR, etc.)