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  1. Hi @jpeyron It looks like I had a power only cable. I swapped it out with a cable that is know to have the communications signals and my computer loaded the USB drivers. I now have a Digilent USB Device connected and my Device Manager matches your screen shot. See attached. Thanks for the help so far! Don
  2. Hi Jon, To answer your questions: 1) Are you powering it externally? No. It is plugged into my laptop docking station USB port. 2) Have you tried a different USB A to Micro-B Cable? No. 3) Have you verified the USB A to Micro-B Cable works? The board is receiving power, LED 11 if on. Not sure if the comm is working. 4) Have you tried an external powered usb hub? No. I do not have one. 5) When it is plugged in is the Red power LED LD11 on? Yes. 6) What OS are you using? Windows 10. 7) If windows did you make sure to click to install third party cable drivers? I believe I did. Is there a way to verify the drivers are installed? 8) When you plug in the Arty, if you see the red power led ld11, what do you see in the device manager( please attach a screen shot)? Nothing appears to happen when I plug in the board in the device manager. Thanks for the help so far! Don
  3. Hi All, I have been working through the Arty - Getting Started with Microblaze project in the resource folder with the Artix-7 FPGA Development Board. When I get to step 11.2 Program the FPGA I get the following message Program FPGA failed Reason: Could not find FPGA device on the board for connection 'Local'. I have been stuck here for the last couple week and have tried several times to track down the connection issue. So far no luck. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Don