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  1. Hi Kristoff I have just tried to install V1.0.3 of the Digilent Core on a fresh install of V1.6.9 of Arduino on my Mac, and I got a CRC error. I ran a "shasum -a 256" on the each of the downloaded files, and the checksum for the file xc32-tools-Diligent-master-mac.tar.gz is NOT the same as that given in package_diligent_index.json Cheers, Philip
  2. Hi I noticed a couple of bugs in the current macOS release version of Digilent Agent (0.3.6) which I thought I would fix and offer back to the community. So I downloaded the Github Repo, and compiled it to make sure it did in fact compile before before making any fixes. When I then ran the compiled code, I was surprised to see that the Agent Version was given as 1.0.1, and also - happily - that the bugs had been fixed. However, when I went back to the download page for the Digilent Agent, I noticed that the Windows version is actually at 1.0.0, while both the macOS and Linu
  3. Hi Kristoff, Yep, that's worked - at least as far as installing the boards in the Arduino IDE. Next step: see if I can compile and upload the firmware obtained from the GitHub Repo. Many thanks, Philip
  4. Hi Kristoff, I'm using V1.6.12 of Arduino IDE, and macOS 10.12.5. I did read the warnings about using a newer version of Arduino IDE, because of changes to project structure, but I'm not even getting as far as downloading the tools. The actual error message - which annoyingly can't be copy/pasted - is .. Error downloading https://s3-us-west-2/ Philip
  5. I want to modify the OpenScopeMZ firmware, and so followed the instructions in the GitHub Repo However I have got no further than step 2, because an error occurs when the tools are being downloaded from AWS. When I access the corresponding page through my browser the error message is as follows: <Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>Software/Digilent_Core/xc32-tools/1.43</Key> <RequestId>26300E2565E7A2C4</RequestId> <HostId> x/UmKN0/KiuFEWfzDS7lcN6IKNVKMm3ENH3