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  1. Hi Kristoff I have just tried to install V1.0.3 of the Digilent Core on a fresh install of V1.6.9 of Arduino on my Mac, and I got a CRC error. I ran a "shasum -a 256" on the each of the downloaded files, and the checksum for the file xc32-tools-Diligent-master-mac.tar.gz is NOT the same as that given in package_diligent_index.json Cheers, Philip
  2. Hi I noticed a couple of bugs in the current macOS release version of Digilent Agent (0.3.6) which I thought I would fix and offer back to the community. So I downloaded the Github Repo, and compiled it to make sure it did in fact compile before before making any fixes. When I then ran the compiled code, I was surprised to see that the Agent Version was given as 1.0.1, and also - happily - that the bugs had been fixed. However, when I went back to the download page for the Digilent Agent, I noticed that the Windows version is actually at 1.0.0, while both the macOS and Linux versions are at 0.3.6. I'm guessing that it might be useful to add build steps for the macOS and Linux versions of the app into your Continuous Integration programme, so that the various platform releases are kept in lockstep. Cheers, Philip
  3. Hi Kristoff, Yep, that's worked - at least as far as installing the boards in the Arduino IDE. Next step: see if I can compile and upload the firmware obtained from the GitHub Repo. Many thanks, Philip
  4. Hi Kristoff, I'm using V1.6.12 of Arduino IDE, and macOS 10.12.5. I did read the warnings about using a newer version of Arduino IDE, because of changes to project structure, but I'm not even getting as far as downloading the tools. The actual error message - which annoyingly can't be copy/pasted - is .. Error downloading https://s3-us-west-2/ Philip
  5. I want to modify the OpenScopeMZ firmware, and so followed the instructions in the GitHub Repo However I have got no further than step 2, because an error occurs when the tools are being downloaded from AWS. When I access the corresponding page through my browser the error message is as follows: <Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>Software/Digilent_Core/xc32-tools/1.43</Key> <RequestId>26300E2565E7A2C4</RequestId> <HostId> x/UmKN0/KiuFEWfzDS7lcN6IKNVKMm3ENH3G0tmJe/EcusNOy8cm+uUETCYSGmGHTwZ/XJKe0ww= </HostId> </Error> Perhaps your AWS credentials are out-of-date or your AWS is only available to people in US? (I'm UK based) I posted this on the GitHub Repo, but your colleague Sam Kristoff, reckons he has no problem, and suggested that I kick the ball into your court.