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  1. Thanks alot for ur quick response. I wrote 1 machine for device id reading. Plz correct me. st.pdf
  2. Dear Mr D@n Thanks for ur quick reply. I am new to this.so please avoid if i ask you stupid question. First of all,i tried to read the device identifier register like device id vendor id etc.to read location 0x000000,i initiated write commind(0x90 with adress).then i simply initiated read command to read the content at the same location.nothing coming out. For this operation,do we need to do sector erase for this operation also?
  3. Dear all, i am also struggling with the same issue.i tried it on two kits.KC705 as well as Sparten3 starter kits.no success. datasheet does not explain all the steps properly. there is no step wise help available. i tried to do read/write with different combination.look like device not responding.plz help.