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  1. I was just thinking, I have some clear PLA. I wonder if it could print a light pipe. I don't have time to design it right now but it seems like the only minor missing piece
  2. So printing went well. The USB connector is a bit "high" (board peeking through) but USB connector still is able to reach the socket. The openscope logo got torn off when removing the raft (my printer needs a raft) Other than that the fit is great. Buttons/top/bottom all went together well. I see a lot of good though has been put into the design of the case. I would like to learn how it was made. Do know if the source files might be available for tweaking/learning?
  3. Aha! I was looking for the word "Case" but it says "Enclosure". It all makes sense now!
  4. Hi there. I was wondering if the STL or say Fusion 3D (for example) files for the OpenScope MZ were posted publicly somewhere. Would love to save time and just print one out if possible.