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    dbkincaid got a reaction from Neuromod in Comparison between Pynq and Arty   
    I have both a Pynq and a ZyboZ7.  The Pynq has been able to run Arty examples, and the XDC files are basically identical.  There might be one peripheral change (microphone?) but everything else that I can remember is 1:1.
    I don't have any experience with PetaLinux, but I think if you want to go that direction you should try to find a group of users or examples for your board.  The most likely place will be on Arty or Zybo.  Pynq is more or less marketed to Jupyter users and research.
    One last thing, if you are looking into video HDMI I would recommend the ZyboZ7 because it has 'cable hider' equalization devices on board to clean the signal. This helps the device lock to HDMI.  I have been much happier with my ZyboZ7 for video RX.  
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    dbkincaid got a reaction from jpeyron in Arty-Z7 GPIO0 access   
    Ah, thanks for the hint!  The GPIO I put together ended up on EMIO 31:0 which mapped to XGpioPS 2 (not GPIO_0 as the Zynq7 indicated).
    Once I changed the two lines that referenced the port it works!