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  1. Performing the initial "Getting Started" "Step 7: Take a Measurement" at 1V@20kHz 'looks' as expected, but at 20mv@20kHz tremendous noise is visible and it gets worse at lower voltages. The noise is there at higher level signals, e.g. > 50mV but it's just harder to notice on the oscilloscope. The result is the same with factory and local calibration. Unchecking the oscilloscope channel's "Noise" checkbox does not help. Is this device defective or is this a product limitation? Could you please advice on how to get a clean low level signal? Platform: USB powered Mac installation on a MacBook Pro under OSX 10.11 Attached PDF: window shapshots of WaveGen and Scope at 1V and 20mV; picture of AD2 connections. AD2 signal noise.pdf