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  1. I haven't tried a newer version because the product is in qualification testing and we've locked down the version we're using. For now we're using a separate laptop for the AD2. I did find this Xilinx answer record, which appears to provide one method of resolving the issue of having two cables on the same machine. https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/64252.html
  2. My question has nothing to do with power. Is that response for a different question?
  3. This unanswered post on the Xilinx website looks exactly like what I'm seeing... Does the AD2 use the same VID/PID as a USB Platform II cable? https://forums.xilinx.com/xlnx/board/crawl_message?board.id=EDK&message.id=40516
  4. Yes. That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm using the Logic Analyzer, Protocol, Waveform, and O-Scope simultaneously. The AD2 is working perfectly with no issues. My problem is that if the AD2 is connected to the PC via USB, then my Xilinx Platform II USB cable no longer works with any of the Xilinx tools. If I simply remove the AD2, the Xilinx tools work fine with the Xilinx Platform USB II cable again.
  5. No. I'm debugging a custom piece of HW that has a large FPGA. I'm using Vivado and the Xilinx USB cable to run a SW debugger for the processor on the custom HW and want to use the AD2 at the same time to debug HW signals.
  6. I working with a new Analog Discovery 2 and finding it very useful, but when it's connected to the PC I'm working on, my Xilinx Platform II USB cable no longer works. Xilinx Vivado HW Manager sees the the Analog Discovery 2 instead of the Xilinx cable and Xilink SDK just reports that it can't see the Xilinx USB cable. Environment is as follows: Windows 7 Waveforms 2015 (3.5.4) Vivado 2015.3