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  1. Looking at the layout, the AD1 seems to have differential inputs while the AD2 seems to have single ended inputs. Can the AD2 be programmed to have two differential inputs? How many units can I put on an SPI bus?
  2. Here is what solved the problem (there may be a more elegant way): count =; //read in on port labeled 'IN0' if(count<0){val=count+32767;} else {val=count-32767;}; float voltage=val*(10.0/65535.0);
  3. I am very new to this hardware and C programming. I just purchased the Uno32 with an AnalogShield. I am running the Passthrough program which works. I would like to also display the input voltage but I am not able to calculate from the digital number that I am getting. At 0V, I get -32693 counts. At 1.587V (AA battery), I get -22377. At -1.587V, I get 22533. At -3.127, 12159. AT 3.167, -11989 counts. So at lower voltage, I get higher counts. I think this is lack of knowledge on my part; hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks! int count = 0;float val = 0;void loop(){ count =