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  1. or one more question its applicable only for arty board with FC1002_MII ip....... or for all xilinx artix 7 series board ....?///????/
  2. hello kwilber thanks for reply and it also help full for me, i need to know, how to store code in FLASH..... and multiple boot image in single flash memory, and boot form different address by assigning different base address for each boot image ......
  3. Hi, i want to dump code in arty broad through Ethernet (remote update)........ for that first convert ( download.bit + my.elf ) in my.mcs file ........than my.mcs to my.bin file through promgen......... and send to arty by ethernet using IPERF utility... ..... than i try to write flash using isf_write() api ...... but this process not work .. so please help me for that .....
  4. Hii @jpeyron, @D@n I am sharing the modified code .... I am working on a ARTY board, giving input to A0 pin of J7 header as sine wave. my ADC sampling rate is 1Msps, using an AXILite interface it is connected to microblaze core , by API ( XSysMon_GetAdcData(SysMonInstPtr, XSM_CH_AUX_MIN+4) , I am reading ADC data continuously and for high speed I am sending it through Ethernet using TCP protocol and plotting it using MATLAB .but if sampling rate is same for both high and low frequency why sine wave is not plotting correctly is graph when I go to KHz range. that is the only problem. real_time_data_stream_plotting.m main.c echo.c
  5. Hii, I had make a microblaze based AXILite ADC design which transfer data through Ethernet via TCP protocol. in SDK I have modified the echo server example code and transfer data frequently, till now everything works good, but when I am plotting this data using MATLAB tool ( ex. sine wave as input ) my real time graph for low frequency (upto 250 Hz) coming good but above this it became distorted and gives very unusual plot. I am attaching my plot and vivado design , please any one can suggest me what may be the reason for this or why I am getting like this output. please suggest my mail ID IS :
  6. Hii, @D@n I am working on design which consist of XADC using Microblaze , sampling on 1Msps, via channel 4 , I am getting samples through Ethernet but when I am plotting it or takING FFT of it ( using online FFT calculator) . I am getting pulse like this which is not good , and also I am worried about my samples values, which are coming over 4096 (maximum range of 12 bit ADC). input frequency 100KHz sine wave. I am attaching picture of samples and waveform. please review it and give me some suggestion. samples.txt
  7. Hii, I don't want project , I want just support or hint ,if you have any example for sending data.......
  8. hii, I am working on ARTY board for an application to real time ADC , after successfully receiving of data samples I want to send it to my PC using LWIP. I tried to use example code of echo server with modification of using API tcp_write(); but able to receive only few samples can anyone please help me out ,how to send data through it. while I am using serial transmission UART, I am receiving data continuously in while loop , but I want to use Ethernet . provide any example code for this.
  9. train04

    FFT issue on ARTY Board

    Thanks @D@n.. I will try to resolve this..... but What about FFT ...and .CSV file that I have send you ....... my FFT output are coming correct or any modification is required.
  10. train04

    FFT issue on ARTY Board

    Hiii @D@n I am attaching the same image after zooming it.... my sine wave is looking correct, yeah I know FFT having some issue......may be configuration setting.....In previous post I have written all configuration setting what I am doing, please you check it if any thing I configured incorrect .... same doubt I also had , about two incoming frequency as IFFT....... please tell me what improvement is required ..... either I am going in right way or should I start from beginning. configuration setting again attached .. DDS -- clock -- 100Mhz channel -- 1 standard mode system parameter sine wave frequency 10 Mhz FFT-- channel --1 transform length --2048 50 Msps clock ----- 100MHz pipeline ,streaming mode no run time configuration block floating point convergent rounding natural bit order real time same for IFFT as well. I am also sending a .CSV file of output from ILA core. here you can check the data . shubham.csv
  11. train04

    FFT issue on ARTY Board

    hii D@n I am getting something & want to share with you. I have applied some changes in the IP configuration of FFT IP 9.0 , and I am getting some output beans so for checking purpose I have implemented IFFT configuration for getting sine wave as output. but I am still confused something is fishy or went wrong ....I am getting AM modulated wave. so please can you help me out there I am attaching image of real time ILA output . configuration setting --- DDS -- clock -- 100Mhz channel -- 1 standard mode system parameter sine wave frequency 10 Mhz FFT-- channel --1 transform length --2048 50 Msps clock ----- 100MHz pipeline ,streaming mode no run time configuration block floating point convergent rounding natural bit order real time same for IFFT as well.
  12. train04

    FFT issue on ARTY Board

    Hii D@n In previous picture I have noticed that my output of FFT always coming either 0 or 1. did you noticed too. this means my output is not coming ......b'cos FFT output is not 0 or 1 ... what I have checked in the MATLAB.
  13. train04

    FFT issue on ARTY Board

    HI D@n I have changed the configuration as you suggest me..... like put valid line to '1' . and all things .....but now I am getting a totally different output ....attached picture. I am really confused what it is ...... FFT core 9.0 configuration also attached , if you find any mistake in that please let me know.
  14. train04

    FFT issue on ARTY Board

    Really Thanks D@n I am sorry for the writing mistake, yes it was FFT IP CORE 9.0....... and I will try these things about valid signal.....and will come back soon to you with my output.