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  1. Hi @attila In my case one of the AD2 boards is connected to a DUT (Device Under Test) and the DUT is powered via a separate bench top power supply. Also, the AD2 board is connected to a test server PC via USB cable and it has a separate external power supply connected to 5V DC input. Obviously, the test server PC, the bench top power supply and the AD2 power supply are powered from different power sockets under my desk (with a proper grounding I believe) and obviously the AD2 board's ground is connected to the DUT's ground. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this should be a fairly common scenario for any measurement device like an oscilloscope or waveform generator. Could you please let me know if my setup can cause high current to pass the ground line toward the computer and damage an AD2 board? Thanks.
  2. Hi @attila, No, this device wasn't connected to voltages exceeding these values. Not sure I understand the question, but this board was always connected to USB port either on my personal PC or on our test server PC. Thanks, Maks.
  3. Hi @attila, Thanks for your response, as you suggested I've tried to connect the board using different USB cable and through a powered USB hub (StarTech ST7300U3M) but without any success. Now I can see the following error: We've purchased 6 boards in total so far and it's just this one board which gives us a bit of grief, all other boards are working fine. Is there a chance that we can replace that board somehow as this issue is blocking our testing at the moment? Thanks! Regards, Maks.
  4. Hello, For some reason my AD2 device stopped working today after a few months of good service. The board is powered via and external DC 5V/1.2A power supply and it is plugged into a USB socket at the back of my PC. I tried to connect it to two different PCs and tried to restart them both with the board disconnected. Basically, when I open WaveForms 2015 ver. 3.5.4 (Windows 10 x64) it throws the following error: And if I try to calibrate it: And sometimes: Also, factory calibration parameters are all zeroes: When I disconnect the external power supply I'm getting a different error: Thanks, Maks.
  5. Sorry, my fault, it looks like it was a grounding issue as my HW device was connected to my dev. PC via a USB cable while the AD2 board was connected to another PC and to the device. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I'm using an Analog Discovery 2 board for automated testing and I've noticed a very strange behaviour. Basically, I'm using two Wavegen DC channels for generating DC signals and recently I discovered that for some reason after a couple of days of running automated tests the output DC voltage drifts significantly (~ -25mV @ 400mV signal). After a bit of investigation I've noticed that if I run WaveForms 2015 on my development PC the output voltage is correct, but after disconnecting the USB cable and reconnecting it to my test server PC the output signal is incorrect. Both my PCs are Windows 10 64-bit, I'm using exactly the same configuration in WaveForms 2015 Wavegen tabs, the board was calibrated using WaveForms on my dev. PC and all the calibration values are the same on both PCs (which is not surprising as these values are stored in board's EEPROM). So it can be reproduced by literally just unplugging and re-plugging the USB cable from one PC to another. Re-calibrating the board on the test PC and rebooting the PC didn't help. Could you please let me know why two items of the same software behave differently and how can I make sure the board generates expected outputs on all my PCs? Thank you. Regards, Maks.