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  1. frank2020

    a7 external clock

    Hello zygot, Thanks for your reply. Actually we do want to have the 100 MHz clock synchronous with an an external 100 MHz reference; don't want to derive a 100 MHz clock from the 12 MHz USB input. We do want to be able to talk to the Cmod A7 via USB also. Regards, frank2020
  2. frank2020

    a7 external clock

    Jon, Thanks for your reply. We're using the Cmod A7. Checked the board and see that the ASEM1-100.000MHZ-LC-T is not populated. We'd like to clock the A7 with 100MHz LVCMOS; but, still be able to talk to it via USB. What would be the best way to setup clock domains?
  3. frank2020

    a7 external clock

    Would like to use an external 100 MHz clock for the A7. Assume that we would use a pair of Artix MRCC pins, e.g. PIO36/PIO40 or PIO18/PIO19. How do we handle existing on-board clocks?