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  1. Arvind

    XADC and the FFT

    thanks for reply Dan sir and jpeyron sir. i am working on ARTY board for xadc & xfft. My xadc(16 bit) work fine upto 400 khz sampling frequency.
  2. Arvind

    XADC and the FFT

    hii mohamed shffat, i am also trying to implement FFT in vivado .My ADC giving correct output but i don't know how to connect these output to the input of FFT IP core. please give any suggestion.. thanks regards Arvind
  3. Arvind

    XADC and the FFT

    Dear sir, I am new to this feild. I wanted to a small help from your side. I have implemented XADC 16 bit. I want to verify my output is in sync with the input signal. Is there any process so that I can check my implementation correct or not. thanx