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  1. jpeyron Thanks for your feedback, i appreciate you effort Attila I'm seeing a slight offsets on the osciloscope input (aprox 2,5mV) even tough the Discovery BNC board is set into AC. And since the calibration data seems to be saved on the computer being opened by Waveforms upon launching, i'm not quite sure the calibration loads with my C++ console application. Kind Regards Rasmus Pforr-Weiss, Brüel & Kjær SV
  2. Hi Digilent Im currently working on my finals in electronics development, including a hardware setup and a custom-made C++ application for my Analog Discovery 2. However it seems that the calibration data made with WaveForms does not apply to the hardware when using custom C++ applications. I've been looking through the manual and haven't encountered any examples of how it is done. I hope you can help me Kind regards Rasmus Pforr-Weiss, Brüel & Kjær SV