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  1. I was doing this half a year ago so I don't clearly remember the details and also I don't have any opportunity to use Vivado where I am now. From the photo, I don't understand whether the picture is turned upside down. My one surely was. The problem with turning upside down is somewhere in programming the camera (ov7670_controller_0). There is a register that is responsible for turning image upside down. It was 0x1e37 if I remember it correctly. You have to check the datasheet for the camera. Programming the registers didn't work well for me. I don't know whether the problem was with my c
  2. Hello TDB! Something is wrong with the C source code you are running as it is C code who is responsible for refreshing frames. Please double-check you are doing everything correctly. The result I got was a continuously refreshing picture turned upside down and I didn't repair that. Also I had problems with kinda color inversion in the final result and I didn' t repair that either. Didn't quite understand this one.
  3. Hello TDB! Sorry for the late answer - I was out of Internet. I have written a tutorial but have no time to publish it. Here are the webpage and the files. The link leads to the archive mentioned in the tutorial. Hope this helps! hdmi_in.pdf
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    UART interrupt example

    Thanks @Sergiu!
  5. Hello @Bianca!Does this mean that 1) I cannot be authorized for the academic pricing because my university is in Russia or 2) I can get the discount but the order cannot be shipped directly to Russia? The point is that I am currently situated in another country for several months so I don't need the shipping to Russia.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm facing a little problem. I am a PhD student from Moscow, Russia working at the department of Physics in Moscow State University. I'd like to buy several items from Digilent using Academic program but I ca't find my country in the country list when I try to register an academic account. What can I do with it? Thanks.
  7. Hello everyone! I am facing a problem while working with a project on Zybo. I have UART1 input (the input connected with microUSB port) enabled in my project and I want to make a simple user interface in a standalone application. I have already found several examples of such applications but the thing is that I don't want the program to continuously examine the input - I want the processor to get an interrupt every time the user makes an input. Is there any example of how this has to be done? Thank you in advance.
  8. @elodg thank you! I've removed the interrupts as I don't need them, I'm not going to change resolution. So everything works o'k. For those who will face the same problem: 1) Change this in VideoStart function: int Status; int i; //xil_printf("Video start entered\n\r"); //if (videoPtr->state == VIDEO_DISCONNECTED) //return XST_NO_DATA; //if (videoPtr->state == VIDEO_STREAMING) //return XST_SUCCESS; /* * Configure the VDMA to access a frame with the same dimensions as the * current mode */ videoPtr->vdmaConfig.VertSizeInput = 480;//videoPtr->timing.VA
  9. Hi @jpeyron, I will describe what I've tried to do, maybe this will help your specialist give a good recommendation. If I understand it correct, the processing system waits for two interrupts: 1) an interrupt from v_tc_1 that would show that a signal is detected on HDMI input, 2) an interrupt from axi_gpio_video that occurs when aPixelClkLckd signal from dvi2rgb becomes '1' and axi_gpio_video sends an interrupt. I tried to connect vtiming_in of v_tc_1 to v_sync of my camera so that the interrupt happened when the signal from the camera is detected. And also I connected gpio2_io_i of
  10. I guess, I have to improve the explanation. Here is what I want to do. My aim is to make a design that takes image from OV7670 camera, puts it to DDR through VDMA, then takes it from DDR and shows it on the screen through VGA. I want the design to be baremetal, without Linux. I took a Digilent example for Zybo that takes AXI HDMI input, puts it to DDR though VDMA and then shows the image through VGA. I replaced the HDMI input of the VDMA with OV7670 input. Like this (image 1). If I understand it correct from the design and the C code provided with it the processor gets some inte
  11. Hello everyone! I'm not sure whether this forum is the right place to ask this question but still. I have connected a low-cost OV7670 camera to this Digilent example: Here is what I've done. I took the OV7670 - > AXI4Stream core from here (link below) and attached it instead of HDMI input. I changed this module to have not 32 bit RGBA output but 24 bit RGB input and also I took the OV7670 Contro