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  1. Dan, Bianca, Just bought a new cable. Problem fixed (as Dan thought). Not sure why other two cables did not work. I suggest Diligent's suggest cable to be bought with board. Also, any suggestions for remedy of using external power (remember, I have connected 12V to ext pwr several times but last time I smelt burning, when I replug i, pwr led momentarily lights then remains out). From schematic in ARTY ref manual, it looks like ext pwr is used by ADC only or if I need more current than USB can supply. Thanks Dan and Bianca for your helop, Bill
  2. This is the first I have heard of the Adept utility. Ii is not referenced in ARTY ref manual. Should I install it and will it have any affect on my non FPGA use of USB ports?
  3. Hi Dan, Default was 3MHZ, changed to 33MHz, no help. How does PC no which USB port to use? I have tried all three. Please contact @Bianca. Thanks, Bill
  4. Thanks Dan. Not sure why GUI doesn't have the CFGBVS and ..VOLTAGE items (I copied from your example) Still no change in that I no hardware message. Some Xilinx doc say to lower TCK freq but never get the window that allows that. Also, when I plugged in ext 12V this time, smelled burning and pwr good LED momentarily comes on then remains off. I tried this a couple of times. Went back to using USB power and original newest cable has mechanical issue (needed to press arty side cable upward to get pwr to remain on). When back to original USB cable and things power stays on. Below is my xdc created by 2017.2 GUI except I had to edit in last two lines set_property PACKAGE_PIN C9 [get_ports sw1] set_property PACKAGE_PIN D9 [get_ports sw0] set_property PACKAGE_PIN H5 [get_ports ld4] set_property PACKAGE_PIN J5 [get_ports ld5] set_property PACKAGE_PIN T9 [get_ports ld6] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports ld4] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports ld5] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports ld6] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports sw0] set_property IOSTANDARD LVCMOS33 [get_ports sw1] set_property CFGBVS VCCO [current_design] set_property CONFIG_VOLTAGE 3.3 [current_design] Bill
  5. Hi Dan, I tried all three steps you suggested. I am using Vivado 2017.2 and had "install cable drivers enabled" during the installation. When I use open target in GUI I get this message. connect_hw_server INFO: [Labtools 27-2285] Connecting to hw_server url TCP:localhost:3121 The "Program Device" option in Vivado is still grayed out. Also, I get this DRC, Pin Planning warning but cannot info to find what value to use and cannot find in GUI where to set [DRC CFGBVS-1] Missing CFGBVS and CONFIG_VOLTAGE Design Properties: Neither the CFGBVS nor CONFIG_VOLTAGE voltage property is set in the current_design. Configuration bank voltage select (CFGBVS) must be set to VCCO or GND, and CONFIG_VOLTAGE must be set to the correct configuration voltage, in order to determine the I/O voltage support for the pins in bank 0. It is suggested to specify these either using the 'Edit Device Properties' function in the GUI or directly in the XDC file using the following syntax: set_property CFGBVS value1 [current_design] #where value1 is either VCCO or GND set_property CONFIG_VOLTAGE value2 [current_design] #where value2 is the voltage provided to configuration bank 0 Refer to the device configuration user guide for more information. I have spent many hours and looked at many docs/videos for solutions. Do you have any ideas how to proceed. Bill
  6. Using Arty, I have new DelL Laptop, Windows 10. Mini usb is connected and arty board LED lights.Using Vivado 2017.2 I get "no hardware target is open message" when using hardware manager to auto connect. I have tried with ARTY JP1 jumper on and off and with all three USB ports on PC. Any Ideas?
  7. I am an ASIC designer and need to development skills for FPGA design. What is the difference between Basys 3 Artix-7 FPGA Trainer Board and Arty Board Artix-7 FPGA Development Board for Makers and Hobbyists? Do both come with free Vivado Designer Suite? What are PC requirements?