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  1. Up and running, hosted and stand alone. Started with a fresh computer. Followed your instructions to select the com port and loaded the firmware from the hex file. All worked well. Went back to my computer and the logger is working there also. I really don't know what the issue was but I thank you very much Andrew for your advice and patience too. I have been using an Analog Discovery (original) almost since it came out. Digilent is a fine company with many great products. Keep it up! Thanks again, John
  2. Forgot to include that, sorry. Yes LD6 was flashing with the keystrokes
  3. Pretty much what I did. I get nothing on PuTTY. Screen prints attached. Also just checked in windows settings. I does show the Digilent USB device.
  4. I do use Tera Term once in a while but it will not do 1.25MBaud. First time using PuTTY. PuTTY sees the com port and also senses if the USB cable is disconnected. But there is no data seen when going into boot mode on the logger.
  5. No success here. Only get to Step 7. Click Open in the How to Recover an OpenLogger with Corrupt Firmware. Still cannot connect to device. I do get the blinking red LED for bootloader mode. I also reinstalled all software on laptop. Still need a bit more help. Tnx
  6. Just received my Open Logger. Installed the Digilent Agent on a Windows 10 machine and started Waveforms Live. It connected to the open logger and progressed as far as the firmware update. The update seemed to be going well but also seemed to hangup at the end. I just left it and after several more minutes the 'firmware update failed' message appeared. now the Open Logger cannot be opened. It does appear that it is seen by the agent and Waveforms Live. I reinstalled both and it did discover the Open Logger with its serial number when plugged into the usb port, but still cannot open it. I'm looking for some advice as how to proceeed. Tnx.
  7. Just received my Open Logger MZ.  While in the initial setup the update firmware failed.  It will no longer connect with the agent via usb connection.

    Any advice?