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  1. Hi Digilent Users, In 2006, I bought one of your development PCBs which is marked "Xilinx XC2-XL" and has one XC9572XLVQ44C, one XC2C256TQ144C, and a very nice prototyping area. The associated paperwork gives the part number as "DO-CPLD-DK" which matches the Obsolete Digikey P/N 122-1512-ND. The good news - When I powered up the board with two AA batteries, the LEDs responded to the pushbutton. The bad news - The kit that I have has a Parallel Port - JTAG cable. The question - Can I use JTAG-USB PROGRAMMING CABLE, Digikey P/N 1286-1052-ND, Digilent P/N 250-003 to program my PCB? Thanks, Dave Crafts