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  1. @jeremimiller I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. Do you have fixes for my repositories? I would be glad to review a Pull Request and incorporate them into my work. I admit I haven't looked at them since May 2018. Regardless, it's all open source, free to reuse.
  2. @jlopez check the examples I wrote here: https://github.com/davidbradway/pyopenscope/blob/master/pyopenscope/openscope/openscope.py https://github.com/davidbradway/python_openscope_example/blob/master/openscope.py You can probably read the Python and write similar Javascript code
  3. I think he's referring to the order of commands within the JSON. I don't think python dicts are ordered and I didn't think JSON are either...
  4. I do recommend you migrate to Python 3.6 as 2.7 is approaching end of life. Not sure if that will fix things and sorry I haven't had time to troubleshoot. Did you try this code too? https://github.com/davidbradway/python_openscope_example
  5. Hi. Thanks for your interest. I saw that you submitted a pull requested to the Github repo. Did you figure out your quote type problem? https://github.com/davidbradway/pyopenscope/pull/1 I will be back in the office next week and I will try to take a look at it it and merge your pull request. Thanks! If you want, please implement more of the API and open another PR!
  6. I started a Python module to interact with the Digilent Instrumentation Protocol (https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/software/digilent-instrumentation-protocol/protocol) API! Come check it out and contribute to it here: https://github.com/davidbradway/pyopenscope If you know of anyone who can use this and help me finish it, send them my way! Only some of the API is implemented so far. Check out the README and example_script.py
  7. After I registered the MAC address on my university's open SSID I was able to connect. Under the WFL Configuration Menu, when doing SETUP WIFI, the "Connecting To Network" message hangs. But once I forced a WFL refresh I could go back to the COM3 connection Configuration Menu to see the IP address it was assigned. Then I could Add a Device through the WFL Device Manager menu. I had to manually enter the IP address of the Network device through that menu, so that's not as easy as it could be. But not too bad overall. Thanks.
  8. When the Openscope is on the WiFi network there doesn't seem to be any security. So anyone (or any botnet/etc) can post JSON commands at it? Are there any plans for secret keys, oauth2, etc?
  9. I haven't figured out the triggering through the API, so I tested my code with waveformslive running with a continuous trigger. I see there is an API endpoint for the trigger command Run. Does it work?
  10. I got my Python code working and put up a simple repository: https://github.com/davidbradway/python_openscope_example Hopefully this will be useful for some people. Please clone, fork, and submit Pull Requests to improve it! I have a couple more questions and comments about the API which I will put in separate replies below.
  11. Can anyone point me at more information on the Digilent Instrumentation Protocol that is described here? https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/software/digilent-instrumentation-protocol/protocol I am reading the Oscilloscope via a JSON HTTP request using Python. I want to know the format of the data returned in the byte blob when reading the Oscilloscope via the JSON protocol. Are the oscilloscope samples 12 bits? How are the bits ordered and packed into bytes for each sample? I am trying to convert the byte blob into an array of samples for plotting in Python. Thanks! Dav
  12. I still haven't found the MAC address. Here's what I see in PuTTY when I follow your instructions above: OpenScope v1.4.0 Written by: Keith Vogel, Digilent Inc. Copyright 2016 Digilent Inc. File Systems Initialized MRF24 Info -- DeviceType: 0x2 Rom Version: 0x31 Patch Version: 0xC USB+: 4905557uV VCC 3.3: 3313321uV VRef 3.0: 3000000uV VRef 1.5: 1500732uV USB-: -4864393uV Using calibration from: flash Unable to connect to WiFi AP. Error 0xA000001B Enter the number of the operation you would like to do: 1. Enter JSON mode 2. Calibrate the instruments 3. Save the cu
  13. How do I find the device's MAC address? I need it to register the device on my University's wifi.