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  1. Thanks @Notarobot and @jpeyron for the information and guide that was provided. I was able to run the project now on Vivado 2017.1. After running the tcl script I need to upgrade the IPs to remove the 'locked IP' errors. Once that's done, I just use the guide provided in the DMA tutorial for Vivado. Thanks again
  2. Hello, I am new to Zybo/FPGA and currently going thru the tutorial that's available. Currently at the DMA tutorial. From what I understand, there are 2 method to do the project, using SDK or Vivado. When I tried using SDK, I have a whole bunch of missing inlcudes like xparameters.h, xgpio.h, xstatus.h (to name a few). So, I went the Vivado route. When attempting to run the tcl script, I had errors on line 67. update_ip_catalog -rebuild. Was able to resolve that by using the vivado library. Now, I'm stuck with errors stating that IPs are locked. I am trying to follow this recommendation to change the version, but, I can't find the system.tcl file. Any suggestions?