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  1. Hi Everyone, I've been using "Scope1.Channel1.alldata" to collect Channel data from the scope, but is there a function to collect the "Time" data? Best Regards, Nick
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm currently working on an automated tester and instead of having someone write commands on a terminal emulator (Tera Term) I'd like to run a python script to do so. I've looked through the reference material and the "File()" commands are only used to read or write to texts files. Are these other commands you recommend I can use to execute the python script from my WaveForms 2015 script? Best Regards, Nick
  3. I'm trying to write a script to custom define signals on the Patterns tool by following the code in the reference manual. However, these are not working: = "Testing" <- Doesn't change the name of the signal, but once I click on the edit button the pop window shows it as "Testing". Once I run the program a second time it get an error for " = "Testing"" and it's not resolved until I change it to " = "Testing"" Patterns1.Channels.DIO1.DIO.value <- Returns: " Result of expression 'Patterns1.Ch
  4. Hi @attila Now it does work, the only difference between our codes was that I didn't include the "~/" when writing the path name, once I write it in the program outputs correctly. Thanks for all your help!
  5. Hi @attila Please see attached file. Thank you! PB_Test.txt
  6. Hi @attila Thank you very much for your response, the .alldata worked! Quick question, I'm trying to use File("path").read() to read information from a .txt file, I also tried readArray() but I have not been successful. This is the code I used: var y = File("path").read() print(y) Thank you!
  7. After I collect data using the scope, I'm trying to write the script to create an array with such data so that I can further analyze it. However, I noticed that the "" (7693 samples) outputs different data from that shown in the table on the Scope tab -> View -> Data (8192 samples). Any recommendations on how to output the data displayed on the oscilloscope? PS: On the "WaveForms 2015 Reference Manual" it is said that Scope1.Channel1.checked obtains the data array, but this is false since ".checked" returns true or false.
  8. Once I build the code, I obtain 1092 Errors, these include: Function returning function is not allowed Identifiers undefined "UCHAR", "PUCHAR", "LPPROCESS_INFORMATION", "ULONG", "PULONG", "DWORD", etc. Expected a declaration Error syntax error: '<' c:\waveform\digilent\waveformssdk\lib\x64\dwf.lib 1 Error unknown character '0x60' c:\waveform\digilent\waveformssdk\lib\x64\dwf.lib 2 Error unknown character '0x3' c:\waveform\digilent\waveformssdk\lib\x64\dwf.lib 3 Error unknown character '0x1' c:\waveform\digilent\waveformssdk\lib\x64\dwf.lib 3
  9. Hi Everyone, I recently started using an Analog Discovery 2 and the WaveForm software. I've been trying to run the sample programs on Visual Studio but the #include "sample.h" produces many errors. Additionally, are there any online tutorials you recommend for a first time user? Thank you in advance! Nick