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  1. Hi Dan, Thank you for the quick reply. I looked over the webpage again and I don't think I would need the cross over cable. Thanks for sending the link for the Verilog core. Looks great! I will try to implement it on MicroZed board. I'm using Embedded Vision Carrier Board (EMBV) along with MicroZed so I can connect the USBUART to EMBV"s Pmod. Thanks jpeyron for that forum link, that's great you have did it with AXI UART lite IP. I will certainly be using that IP and try to connect to the pins accordingly. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi, I'm going to buy Pmod USBUART: USB to UART Interface for MicroZed board I have. Would I need a UART Crossover Cable for it? Also, is there any example I could use to have this PMOD working? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!