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  1. cchamp

    Adept DPTI support

    I wanted to use DPTI demo because it seemed to be a fast way for using USB interface and then save time for my others developments. In fact I'm struggling with genesys2 reference manual that is full of errors and some code that isn't working for the device it supposed to work with.
  2. cchamp

    Adept DPTI support

    I tried dpti demo both in jtag programming mode and in flash programming mode. So far the dpti reference manual PDF and dpti PDF weren't very helpful. thanks for your help
  3. cchamp

    Adept DPTI support

    yes I did and had the same result but the logic part of dpti demo is in synchronous mode I tested the logic with the provided test bench and it seems to work fine. I used wireshark to monitor USB traffic, I can see data being sent to the Genesys2 but still the same time out error. Does someone have an idea of what could be wrong ?
  4. cchamp

    Adept DPTI support

    Hi, I'm trying to use dpti demo for Genesys2 board. I can launch software but I get a time out Synchronous DPTI Port Enabled beginning data transfer... ERROR: data transfer timed out after 30.004000 second Is anyone went through this kind of problem ? Regards, Cedric
  5. Do we only have to wire Vadj to VIO_B_M2C on our FMC board ? Regards Cedric
  6. Fine, it shouldn't exceed 5A anyway, we just want to have as many differential pairs as possible. Thanks for your help Cedric
  7. Hi, We'd like to buy a Genesys 2 board, but I have a few questions. There are 80 differential pairs wired on FMC connector but 22 pairs can only be used if FMC provide power to the HB bank. Do you think we could provide this power signal by redirecting an fpga power signal back to HB bank on our FMC ? Regards, Cedric