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  1. Hi Sophia, This is the site that D@N had linked cheers, Jon
  2. Hi James, Unzip the file and copy the files attached to a microSD card(look like attached picture) and boot the ZYBO from SD mode to restore the Quad SPI flash with the factory default. It will take several minutes to complete. cheers, Jon
  3. Hi AnthonySeely, It doesn't look like your post is tagging @Bianca so i tagged her again for you. cheers, Jon
  4. Hi jgoglio, Here is an instructable that uses the PmodJSTK that should help with the PmodJSTK2. Here is the reference page for the PmodJSTK2. Here is our Github for the Pmod JSTK2 IP. I have attached a project where I have used the PmodJSTK2 IP. I have not yet verified it with the Pmod at this time. Hope this helps! cheers, Jon
  5. jpeyron

    Digilent SA02?

    Hi andmcq, I have not been able to find a product match to what you have described with our current or retired products here. Could it be possible that it is a digilant product like here? If so i would suggest to contact their customer support for the needed software. cheers, Jon
  6. Hi kerdjidj, Here is a link to the PmodBT2 reference page and here is where you can get it. Here is the PmodBT2 IP Github page where you can download the IP for free. Here is the Zybo's reference page that has the getting started with zynq tutorial. Here is a tutotial on adding IP's to designs. Hope this helps! cheers, Jon
  7. jpeyron

    xilinx ISE errors

    Hi noob_fpga, Here is a different link than the one i posted on your other thread to the issues with ise and windows 10. There is a youtube video that hopefully can help with your specific issues. cheers, Jon
  8. Hi noob_fpga, Here is a link that talks about issues with ise and windows 10 and some solutions. Here is some information on step by step usage for the Cmod s6. cheers, Jon
  9. Hi Saad Bin Shafique, Its around 16 MB's for our fpga's. Hope this helps! cheers, Jon
  10. Hi Natsfr, Here is the length for each GTX lane. DP0_C2M_N, Signal Layers Only, 88.4738mm DP0_C2M_P, Signal Layers Only, 88.4374mm DP0_M2C_N, Signal Layers Only, 85.3115mm DP0_M2C_P, Signal Layers Only, 85.2439mm DP1_C2M_N, Signal Layers Only, 83.6574mm DP1_C2M_P, Signal Layers Only, 83.6685mm DP1_M2C_N, Signal Layers Only, 84.467mm DP1_M2C_P, Signal Layers Only, 84.4307mm DP2_C2M_N, Signal Layers Only, 87.9247mm DP2_C2M_P, Signal Layers Only, 87.7015mm DP2_M2C_N, Signal Layers Only, 83.7533mm DP2_M2C_P, Signal Layers Only, 83.717mm DP3_C2M_N, Signal Layers Only, 88.5627mm DP3_C2M_P, Signal Layers Only, 88.5627mm DP3_M2C_N, Signal Layers Only, 88.0048mm DP3_M2C_P, Signal Layers Only, 87.8988mm DP4_C2M_N, Signal Layers Only, 85.605mm DP4_C2M_P, Signal Layers Only, 85.5874mm DP4_M2C_N, Signal Layers Only, 88.6059mm DP4_M2C_P, Signal Layers Only, 88.4302mm DP5_C2M_N, Signal Layers Only, 85.8485mm DP5_C2M_P, Signal Layers Only, 85.8844mm DP5_M2C_N, Signal Layers Only, 87.0384mm DP5_M2C_P, Signal Layers Only, 86.9516mm DP6_C2M_N, Signal Layers Only, 88.4989mm DP6_C2M_P, Signal Layers Only, 88.494mm DP6_M2C_N, Signal Layers Only, 85.889mm DP6_M2C_P, Signal Layers Only, 85.7132mm DP7_C2M_N, Signal Layers Only, 87.3225mm DP7_C2M_P, Signal Layers Only, 87.3225mm DP7_M2C_N, Signal Layers Only, 87.5185mm DP7_M2C_P, Signal Layers Only, 87.3185mm DP8_C2M_N, Signal Layers Only, 88.7324mm DP8_C2M_P, Signal Layers Only, 88.7324mm DP8_M2C_N, Signal Layers Only, 86.5751mm DP8_M2C_P, Signal Layers Only, 86.4853mm DP9_C2M_N, Signal Layers Only, 86.7981mm DP9_C2M_P, Signal Layers Only, 86.7981mm DP9_M2C_N, Signal Layers Only, 87.3832mm DP9_M2C_P, Signal Layers Only, 87.3832mm and all of the pins on the FMC are differentially paired. cheers, Jon
  11. Hi jyoung, The JTAG-HS3 is RoHS2 compliant and i have attached the certificate. Hope this helps! cheers, Jon Digilent RoHS2 CoC.PDF
  12. Hi Fouad, I have not been able to get the vga to give anything other than black like you. One thing I saw is when using "others" i believe the syntax is (others => '0'); instead of (others -> '0'); . After the thanksgiving break i will talk to the person that made the project to get an answer for this issue. cheers, Jon
  13. Hi natsfr, The MGTs on the fmc are 86.5 +/- 1.5 mm 50 ohm impedance and all others are 80.0 +/- 7.5mm. Hope this helps! cheers, Jon
  14. jpeyron

    CMOD A7 Dimensions

    Hi bikerglen, I have attached a screen shot of the Cmod A7 that has the dimensions you are needing. Hope this helps! cheers, Jon
  15. Hi Volodymr, I found a thread at xilinx support here that deals with multiple devices being used in sdk and how to differentiate between them. It looks like that this issue might be resolved with a newer version of sdk. I would suggest downloading the most current stable version of Vivado and sdk which is 2016.2 and hopefully that resolves your issue. cheers, Jon
  16. Hi Area3engineer, Sorry to hear you were having issues. Glad to hear a re-boot fixed it. cheers, Jon
  17. Hi Sameer, Have you tried more than one usb keyboard? Have you tested the usb keyboard through a standard usb to ensure it is working? Have you tried externally powering the Zybo? What keyboard are you using make and model? cheers, Jon
  18. jpeyron

    Basys3 Bluetooth

    HI sidies95, Here is a link to the PmodBT2 reference page and here is where you can get it. Here is the PmodBT2 IP Github page where you can download the IP for free. Here Is the basys 3 reference page that has the getting started with microblaze tutorial. Here is a tutotial on adding IP's to designs. Hiope this helps! cheers, Jon
  19. Hi reda9, I would first suggest to go through the "getting started with microblaze" and "getting started with microblaze servers" tutorials here if you haven't yet. Here is a tutorial on how to add IP's to your design and here is our Github Vivado library of IP's. These IP's should help you build your own IP to facilitate communication and data retrieval from your RTLSDR receiver. Hope this helps! cheers, Jon
  20. jpeyron

    related to zybo

    Hi Pallavi, What OS are you using? Also Have you checked your permissions in that particular folder.Copy the project into some other location and follow the same steps. Also try using administrative privileges. cheers, Jon
  21. jpeyron

    XADC demo

    Hi Manas, After generating the IP did you upgrade the IP in you design? If not to do that you select Tools -> Report -> Report IP Status menu option to generate a report and enable upgrade of the IP. cheers, Jon
  22. Russ, We also generated this stp file as well. It is an approximate due to it being retired. Hope fully this will help as well. cheers, Jon JTAG_SMT1.stp
  23. Hi Russ, We should be able to get you the cad model of the JTAG-SMT1 either monday or tuesday of next week. thank you, Jon
  24. Hi tstrader, Unfortunately, i would not be able to know if their software will would work with the JTAG-SMT2-NC. I would suggest to contact UrJTAG about this. thank you, Jon