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  1. jpeyron

    Nexys Video HDMI in problems

    Hi @neocsc, Have you tried making sure the resolution is the same between the HDMI input and the HDMI output? thank you, Jon
  2. jpeyron

    Facing error in the rgb2dvi IP

    Hi @varunb, Here is another thread that discusses the PixelClk. If you havent seen the documentation for the rgb2dvi and dvi2rgb please look here and here. Here is a forum thread about making an HDMI pass through that might be helpful. thank you, Jon
  3. jpeyron

    Nexys Video HDMI in problems

    Hi @neocsc, To clarify the HDMI-IN and HDMI-OUT ports only have the physical hardware to do the one named task I.E. 1) HDMI IN or HDMI OUT. Do you have the in coming hdmi from the PC connected to the HDMI-IN port on the Nexys Video along with the HDMI-OUT on the Nexys Video connected to the monitor? 2) There is a potential to back power the Nexys Video through the HDMI ports. To avoid any power up issues or potential damage make sure that the either the HDMI devices connected to the Nexys Video are not powered on or that the HDMI cable are not connected to the Nexys Video before fully powering on the Nexys Video. thank you, Jon
  4. jpeyron

    Zybo Z7-20 Pcam 5C Demo with YCbCr422/RGB565

    Hi @Takeshi, I am under the understanding the the MIPI-2 PHY can the YCbCr422 and RGB565 formats. In the reference manual for the Pcam-5C here under software support (text linked below) it describes why we did not facilitate these formats and are using raw data. thank you, Jon
  5. jpeyron

    Vivado sysnthesis fail..Pcam

    Hi @JulianPeter, I have reached out to @Ciprian as this thread has appeared to slipped through the cracks. We typically try to upgrade most of our project on the xxxx.4 version of Vivado. I am currently unaware when/if the Zybo-Z7-PCAM-5C project will be updated. thank you, Jon
  6. jpeyron

    Pmod MTDS Display dark Display after 10-20min

    Hi @MSchleeh, Here is a confirmed Vivado 2018.3 Zedboard/PmodMTDS on JA project. I have been running this project for the last 2 Hrs without issues. Please try this project and see if you still have the black screen issue. I would also try running your and or the attached project with the Pmod MTDS directly connected to the Pmod Port. Another thing would be to try using a different SD card. Not all SD cards are created equal. We have had the best results using Samsung and Scandisk SD Cards. thank you, Jon
  7. jpeyron

    Nexys Video HDMI in problems

    Hi @neocsc, In the wiki for the Nexys Video HDMI project here it describes the different option you can choose from in the serial uart menu. Please attach screen shots/pictures of what options you are selecting and the result on the monitor. thank you, Jon
  8. jpeyron

    JTAG-SMT3-NC 3D Model

    Hi @jfranz-argo, Welcome to the Digilent Forums! The 3D Model step file has been added to the resource center for the JTAG-SMT3 here. cheers, Jon
  9. jpeyron

    Nexys Video HDMI demo problem

    Hi @neocsc, I am glad the installing the ia32-libs fixed the issue! Thank you for sharing what you did to get this fixed. cheers, Jon
  10. jpeyron

    Nexys Video HDMI demo problem

    Hi @neocsc, Is the usb micro B cable connected to the prog connector(J12) on the Nexys Video? 1) Are you able to open Vivado hardware manager from the vivado start page and connect to the Nexys Video? Since you are using linux: The cable drivers do not get automatically installed in linux when you install Vivado. 1) Here is a xilinx AR showing how install the xilinx/digilent cable drivers. If you have not already. Make sure to be root. 2) Make sure that you have added yourself to the dialout group. Here is a forum thread that shows how to add yourself to the dialout group. 3) Please download Adept 2 here. a) Use Adept 2 from the command line with the command "djtgcfg enum" . What is the terminal text response? 4) Were you root when you installed Vivado? Here is an older tutorial Nexys Video - Getting Started with Microblaze that is a much more basic project that might be easier to use for trouble shooting this type of error. thank you, Jon
  11. jpeyron

    Nexys Video HDMI demo problem

    Hi @neocsc, After generating a bitstream in vivado you should be exporting the hardware including the bitstream and then launching SDK from the File tab. Once SDK has opened import the applications, program the fpga and run the application by right clicking on the application and selecting run as -> launch on hardware(system debugger). 1) Please attach a screen shot of the errors you are getting in SDK. 2) Do you have the Mode jumper JP4 set to JTAG? thank you, Jon
  12. jpeyron

    Can I get Linux support for the SSM2603?

    Hi @AndyCap, Glad to here the patch fixes the issue and your project is up and running! cheers, Jon
  13. Hi @Rob Young, I am glad to hear that backing up to 2017.4 solved your issue. Thank you for sharing what you did to fix this issue. cheers, Jon
  14. jpeyron


    Hi @Takeshi, Welcome to the Digilent forums! cheers, Jon
  15. Hi @Rob Young, Here is an older getting started with microblaze tutorial that should be helpful with your project. Make sure you have installed and are using board files. Also remember to add the quad spi flash ip core with an additional 50 MHz output clock from the clocking wizard connected to the ext_spi_clk on the quad spi flash ip core. thank you, Jon
  16. jpeyron

    Digital Twin

    Hi @Kris Persyn, Welcome to the Digilent Forums. Sounds like a fun project. I do not have experience with using immersive visuals so I have reached out to more experience engineers. thank you, Jon
  17. jpeyron

    USB Host with Arty Z7 2017.4.1 Prebuilt Images ???

    Hi @jcloiacon, I have sent you a PM about this. thank you, Jon
  18. jpeyron

    How to deal with no hardware devices showing up in Vivado?

    Hi @aeon20, Sorry about the link issue. Here is the link i was referring to. thank you, Jon
  19. jpeyron

    Constraining nets

    Hi @newkid_old, Here is a forum thread that discusses using the Utility Buffer IP Core. thank you, Jon
  20. jpeyron

    Display image using VGA from block RAM

    Hi @khaledismail, Glad to hear you have made progress with your project. I think the image is showing this way because of a resolution difference between the image and the screen resolution. I would try making the coe file image the same resolution as the screen resolution and see if this resolves the issue. thank you, Jon
  21. jpeyron

    Confusion regarding Xilinx cable drivers

    Hi @aeon20, I attached a screen shot of the terminal text response to the command lsusb when the arty -A7 is connected to my pc. I am using a VM with ubuntu 16.04. cheers, Jon
  22. jpeyron

    Pmod MTDS Display dark Display after 10-20min

    Hi @MSchleeh, I have been running the MtdsDemo1 with Vivado 2018.2 using Zedboard and the Pmod MTDS on JD for about 19 hrs as of right now without issues. 1) Please attach a picture of your physical setup. 2) Please attach a screen shot of your Block Design. 3) I wouldn't think that the ferrite choke would negatively affect the Pmod MTDS. With that in mind, have you tried using the Pmod MTDS without the ferrite choke? 4) Are you configuring the Zedboard using the usb prog through JTAG Mode or are you configuring the Zedboard using SD or QSPI mode? 5) What are the spec's for the wal-wart you are using to power the Zedboard? thank you, Jon
  23. jpeyron

    Arty Board and new Vivado editions, License question.

    Hi @edge30, Here is a forum thread that explains the difference between the design and webpack editions. The main difference i see for your situation would be that the webpack edition does not support the Virtex 7 family of devices. Also I believe there are a few IP Core's that are usable without a fee in the design Edition. I would suggest to download Vivado 2018.2 webpack edition and see if it will work for you. I have multiple versions of Vivado on my PC. thank you, Jon
  24. jpeyron

    read/write 32bit registers using jtag-HS2

    Hi @Roya, 1) JTAG is a standard protocol that should be the same from vendor to vendor. 2) Adept 2 SDK has documentation and example code available for the functions accessible by users. 3) I believe that the mwr/mrd commands used by DjtgPutTmsTdiBits and the DjtgPutTmsBits are done with functions not accessible to the public. 4) It is my understanding that Synopsis created custom applications using the Digilent Adept 2 SDK to facilitate JTAG communication with their processors. Here is a forum thread that deals with this situation. thank you, Jon
  25. jpeyron

    How to restore FT2232 EEPROM back to factory settings?

    Hi @mishu, I sent you a PM about this. thank you, Jon