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  1. Creating a 25 Mhz clock on the Basys 3

    Hi @aajj1997, I am not sure what Vtext start and Vtext stop do in your project. I am guessing that they are the Vertical front and back porch. If this is the case then then you would change the values to 1 and 38 as shown here. cheers, Jon
  2. pmodoledrgb not displaying on nexys4 ddr

    Hi @flexible111, I am glad that you were able to get it working. You would have to alter the chrfont0.h here as well as the drivers themselves and how they index the struct in chrfont0. Changing the preset font size would not be an easy task. thank you, Jon
  3. Hi @Jay Sngh, We are researching your question about if the Basys 3 PCB can support 15G vibration and will respond here as soon as we can. cheers, Jon
  4. Hi @Jay Sngh, We are researching your questions about environmental testing and PCB quality certifications and will respond here as soon as we can. thank you, Jon
  5. No hardware device found

    Hi @Android, I am glad you were able to get the Arty visible in Vivado. cheers, Jon
  6. Hi @smarano, We used the same PDID on the JTAG-SMT2-NC so it should work exactly the same as the SMT2. I believe at the time that the reference manual was written efuse wasn’t supported but is now. I have changed the wiki reference manual page and put a request to change the PDF reference manual to reflect this. cheers, Jon
  7. BeagleBone not connecting

    Hi @Rito, Thank you for posting the BBB default login/password using the Debian Stretch. cheers, Jon
  8. Buttons bounce

    Hi @D@n, Thank you for sharing your project. cheers, Jon
  9. Encryption-using-Zedboard

    Hi @Mira, Sounds like an interesting project. Unfortunately, I do not have experience with this. Hopefully one of the more experience community members will have some input for you. I did find an Instructable here that should be helpful. cheers, Jon
  10. Hi @Dillon, I would look at the datasheets for the CMPS here(page 11 on) and the CMPS2 here (page 8 on). They will have different registers for configuration/initialization. You will need to make changes in the register definitions in the PmodCMPS2.h file. You will also need to change the size of your reads and writes. You will need to look at the differences between the different IC's and see if there is any other changes that need to be made as well. cheers, Jon
  11. Tamper resistent design for CMOD A7

    Hi @smarano, I have no experience in disabling the JTAG. Hopefully on of the more experience community members will have some input for you. I would suggest to look at the 7 Series FPGAs Configuration User Guide that discusses this process. I would also suggest to reach out to Xilinx support here for their input as well. cheers, Jon
  12. FPGA based DC for Pmod OLED

    Hi @vasilas, Here is our Pmod OLEDrgb IP core that should shed some light on how to use as well. You can download the vivado library here. I would suggest to look at the Pmod OLEDrgb resource center here and the data sheet for the SSD1331 IC here. I would also look at this forum thread that discusses using the Pmod OLEDrgb in HDL here. I would look at the OLED demo's for the Nexys Video here and the Genesys 2 here. cheers, Jon
  13. Hi @Jay Sngh, There is no license provided with the Basys 3 board. We would suggest using Vivado's design edition which can be downloaded and used on a non-design edition target such as the Basys 3 without a license. If you are concerned with Vivado's size and are not going to use a virtex or kintex fpga you can also uncheck these boxes in the initial download options. cheers, Jon
  14. Zybo Z7-10 audio passthrough

    Hi @aytli, We do not have a users guide/documentation for the axi_i2s_audio IP core. I would suggest looking at the example projects as well as the drivers to get a better understanding of the IP core here. thank you, JOn
  15. HDMI in and out of Digilent atlys Spartan 6

    Hi @M.Saad Ikram, Here is a forum post that should help you with getting the HDMI demo going in ISE 14.7 for the Atlys. I also moved your post to the FPGA forums so more FPGA oriented forum members will look at you post. cheers, Jon
  16. eFuse Programming

    Hi @smarano, I reached out to our design engineer and found that access to the VBAT pin on the Cmod A7 is impossible. There’s no way to attach a coin cell to just the VBAT pin because it’s hard tied to the VCC1V8 rail and the trace that connects the FPGA ball to the via that goes straight to the VCC1V8 polygon is underneath the FPGA. Therefore a cut and jump is not possible. We didn’t have space for an auxiliary JTAG connector on the CmodA7, which means that the JTAG signals aren’t routed out to a header. That will make attaching an external program very difficult, if not impossible. thank you, Jon
  17. Hi @smarano, Bases on the Xilinx thread Here Xilinx discusses that JTAG SMT 1/2 work with eFuse. cheers, Jon
  18. Zybo Z7-10 audio passthrough

    Hi @aytli, I have not worked with the zybo-z7-10 dma project.I do not see a reason why the sound input can not be immediately routed to the output without having to record it first. Here is a forum dealing with the audio on the zybo which uses the same codec so should be helpful. Here is an Instructable that might be helpful as well. thank you, Jon
  19. PmodCLP - Sample project timing errors

    Hi @inflector, Thank you for posting potential issues and suggested fixes with the Verilog code. I have pass on this thread to our content team. cheers, Jon
  20. Basys 3 Configuration Memory Device not Working

    HI @StevenB, Welcome to the forums! Please try this tutorial here. Here is a forum thread to deals with programming the flash as well. thank you, Jon
  21. Hi @Jay Sngh, The Basys 3 will not work in ISE. The Basys 3 has a XC7A35T fpga which is not supported in ISE. Here is a xilinx support answer discussing this. thank you, Jon
  22. Keyboard input problem - zybo buffer

    Hi @Andrea_cau, Tera term is a serial terminal as described here. I believe you can get tera term from here. cheers, Jon
  23. Anvyl Spartan-6 FPGA Trainer Board

    Hi @amkichu, The only thing I have been able to find is Here is the Anvyl Demo Project Suite. I have reached out to my co-works to see if we have an OOB demo that contains all peripheral interfacing. thank you, Jon
  24. No hardware device found

    HI @Android, Please install Adept 2 here. Are you able to see the Arty in Adept 2? In the Device manager does the Arty show up under ports as well? If not please change usb cables. Some usb cables do not have the data line attached and is only meant to power devices. I would also make sure that the Digilent cable drivers are installed here. thank you, Jon
  25. Hi @Jay Sngh, Here is the step file for the Pmod SSR. cheers, Jon Pmod_SSR.stp