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  1. sir, i am using zedboard to interface pmod wifi but while creating block diagram ssdram and pmod pheripheral blocks are not present.Are there any extra modules we have to install for pmodes.


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    2. jpeyron


      Hi @harika,

      Could you please post your question to the forum so others can benefit from this process as well.

      thank you,


    3. harika


      I have proceeded according to your request, Sir how can we transmit data or retrieve data using p mod WiFi while using zed board . And how will the ip address at last of the interface of p mod WiFi with zed board used . Can u give any suggestions or references or any project links so that i can proceed regarding usage of p mod WiFi ,since i am a beginner.  

      In the above discussion u have mentioned ,here is the complete project. when i downloaded it is nothing but a zip file and i couldn"t find anything in it, what is ur intention regarding that zip file could u please answer me. 

    4. jpeyron


      Hi @harika,

      I was unable to find your post on the forums here.  We ask that you post your questions to the forum so that other customers can benefit from this as well.

      thank you,