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  1. Dear jpeyron

    I am Tuan. Dan said that you are expert on embedded Linux aspects of FPGA programming and I have some questions to ask.

    I am developing a design based on xillydemo for ZYBO board, in which my hardware will write image to DDR on ZYBO, then OS (Ubuntu) will read those data and write to file. Current situation is the writing HW (my part) can write data to memory without OS work (I check that the generated address for AXI bus has change via ILA, so PS works but not OS). I assign my design to address 00000000, which I think that OS will over taken when it works (but I don't know where is a good space for my data). The combined design (my HW and xllydemo) shows that OS are normally working but I cannot check if my design successfully write data to memory or not.

    Do you have any suggestion about how can I manage the physical memory? or which physical memory space should I consider as user allocated space by Ubuntu? I find some pages say about directly assess to physical memory from OS using /dev/mem and mmap. Do you know how can I check information on /dev/mem and mmap to know which physical memory are assigned to which device as well as which spaces are assigned to user and also how can I make a physical memory reading from OS in this case (mass reading about 6 MB each time)

    My email is [email protected]

    The related thread can be found in the link below.

    Thank you very much