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  1. Hi    
    I have ordered a Zybo board from element 14 India - DIGILENT 410-279P-KIT Development Board, XC7Z010 Zybo, Cortex-A9, 650MHz Dual Core CPU & Artix-7 FPGA    
    Need to know what all includes are there apart from the board in the kit   
    Whether any Vivado voucher license for Zybo is provided along with the kit, if not how to work with Xilinx Vivado 
    Please help me out




    1. jpeyron


      Hi AJAY,

      My understanding is that it just comes with the Zybo dev board. You will need a USB A to Micro-B Cable(standard android cell phone charging/communication cable) to power and program the board like here. If you want to power it externally you will need something like this. It does not come with a voucher. Since Vivado 2015.4 the webpack(free) includes everything but the system generator for dsp which is included with the system edition described here. There is lots of tutorials for the Zybo here and demos here. Hope this helps!