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  1. Hi Vincent, Please plug in the usb hub only and run the terminal command dmesg and then with the JTAG HS3 plug in and again run dmesg what information do you see? What usb hubs are you using? Make and Model? Just to make sure, have you used the usb hubs with anything else? cheers, Jon
  2. Hi MHR, The eagle project is available here that will have all of the mechanical information available as well as the BOM. cheers, Jon
  3. Hi Qbitrex, Unfortunately, you would need a FMC connector like what is provided here. cheers, Jon
  4. Hi Tuan Trong, I'd suggest to use the registration link on the Getting started page at: Your access might take up to 5 days to be granted but then you will get more experienced support for the Kintex7_1G_CML from NetFPGA forum. cheers, Jon
  5. Antonio, You can add a axi bram controller and run connection automation and that will allow you to instantiate bram in your microblaze design. cheers, Jon
  6. Hi Dave, If you look here. Vivado HL 2016.2 design edition and Vivado HL 2016.2 Webpack offer mostly the same things. If you would still like I can look into what it will take to get you another voucher. The Vivado HL Webpack would not be device locked so you could use both the Zedboad and the Nexys4 DDR with the same program. cheers, Jon
  7. Hi Buckd and D@n, D@n's answer is correct about the JTAG. Unfortunately, we do not have a script or JTAG program that detects possible FPGA damage, marks it, and works around it. cheers, Jon
  8. Hi Miguel, You can use the IP that i posted earlier for the PmodAD2. In the PmodAD2.c here you can use the AD2_ReadIIC and AD2_WriteIIC functions in you main instead. Hopefully this helps! cheers, Jon
  9. jpeyron

    Digilent USB - no connection

    Hi ADA, Just to verify, are you using a usb A to Mini-B cable like here or are you using a JTAG usb programing cable like this? Also could you include a screen shot of the text on ISE console when the cable is connected. cheers, Jon
  10. jpeyron

    Raw pins for UART?

    ttrostrel, I deleted the connection that is automatically made to the uart usb. I then expanded the uart connections and set rx and tx to external. cheers, Jon
  11. Hi Vicent, I seems that there is an issue with the linux configurations. What linux distro are you using? My first suggest would be to download the newest version of Vivado including third party cable drivers on your linux device and see if the usb hubs and jtag cable work. thank you, Jon
  12. jpeyron

    Raw pins for UART?

    Hi ttrostel, I was able to generate a bitstream with this design. In addition i needed to have an xdc file with rx and tx added to the constraint file. cheers, Jon
  13. jpeyron

    Digilent USB - no connection

    Hi ADA, Please send a screen shot of impact when it is connected to the JTAG USB. I have included below 2 screen shots of a JTAG USB. the first is not connected and the second when it is connected in impact.
  14. Hi Nima, I don't have a windows 10 device to test it on, on windows 8.1 i was able to get adept 2 to reconize the the digilent Atlys board. I also was able to get our gpio demo to run on ise 14.7 as well. I have attached some pictures of Adept 2 and how I have the Atlys set up. You would not need the HDMI in or out connected. In the device manager, can you see the digilent usb device for the programer connection? The uart connection will show up under ports. Both the programmer and uart connect is shown in the picture below. Please attach a screen shot of the Adept 2 when the Atlys is connected and turned on. cheers, Jon
  15. Hi Antonio, The tools will allow you to set the available memory to 64MB but if you exceed the 512KB you will run into runtime errors and your design will not work. Are you using a digilent design? Have you also changed the sizes in the lscript.ld? cheers, Jon
  16. Hi Natsu, I got you code to generate a bitstream. top.v You will need to fix the if and else statements where led_wire = 3'b000; and led_wire = 3'b111; if(Rotate == 0) led_wire = 3'b000; //(Direction == 0) ? {Fill,led[3:1]} : {led[2:0],Fill}; else led_wire = 3'b111; //(Direction == 1) ? {led[2:0],led[3]} : {led[0],led[3:1]}; end I did not change anything with the xdc file. cheers, Jon
  17. Hi Antonio, Mikel updated the tutorial "How To Store Your SDK Project in Flash" here to include compressing the bitstream. cheers, Jon
  18. Hi Vincent, Have you tried an externally powered usb hub? Also have you tried using a usb hub on a windows machine? cheers, Jon
  19. jpeyron

    Digilent USB - no connection

    Hi ADA, What OS are you using and what is the text shown in the console at the bottom of ISE when you are looking for the port?
  20. Hi Tuan Trong, I did a little digging and i found the manufacturing testing here. Hopefully this will help! cheers, Jon
  21. Hello, You should be using the spi pins of the device. I would suggest to oscilloscope the JTAG-HS1 and see what is going on. cheers, Jon
  22. jpeyron

    JTAG-HS3 vs JTAG-HS2

    Hi Abe, The only difference i can find between the JTAG-HS3 and the JTAG-HS2 is that the JTAG-HS3 can communicate to the processor reset of the ZYNQ-7000. If you need to reset the processor core of Xilinx’s Zynq® platform then go with the JTAG-HS3. cheers, Jon
  23. Hello JPO, If you look at the swing to ground for the INA199A1DCKR you will see the need have it tie to the REF the way it is. cheers, Jon
  24. Hi Tuan Trong, Were you able to complete the manufacturing test from the reference manual here under Appendix A which uses the PmodUSBUART? cheers, Jon
  25. Hi I@N, Have you tried using the terminal to get the serial communication like here? thank you, Jon