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  1. jpeyron

    Pmod wifi Interface

    Hi @Sivaji@iiitn, Could you be more specific about your project? Are you trying to control previously enabled WIFI home appliances like this Light bulb or power outlet with the zedboard/pmod wifi? Or are you planning on enabling WIFI into these type of appliances and then control them using the zedboard/pmod WIFI. I have not designed either type of project so I do not know how helpful I will be. thank you, Jon
  2. Hi @Yacov Cohen, Sorry for the delay in responding with a fix. We are still debugging the code. We should be able to responded with a code fix early next week. thank you for your patience, Jon
  3. jpeyron

    GPS Pmod

    Hi @HelplessGuy, To clarify you are trying to connect the Pmod GPS to the Zybo? Here is a completed Vivado 2018.2 Zybo/Pmod GPS without the sd card portion and using the interrupt. Here is a completed Vivado 2018.2 Zybo/Pmod GPS with the sd card portion and does not use the interrupt. Make sure you have the digilent board files installed correctly and that you fix the path to the vivado library to reflect where it is on your pc in Vivado's project manager->settings. thank you, Jon
  4. jpeyron

    Running the Zybo examples in Vivado 2017.1

    Hi @CrystalSixone, First i would right click on the applications BSP and re-generate the BSP. If that does not work then delete the applications BSP and create a new one with the same exact name. cheers, Jon
  5. jpeyron

    PMOD CAN with UltraZed

    Hi @Juliano Pimentel, Glad to hear that you were able to make the connection using option one. cheers, Jon
  6. Hi @Iw@n, Super cool. Thank you for sharing your projects! thank you, Jon
  7. jpeyron

    Digilent JTAG-HS3 not discovered

    Hi @Arvid, I reached out to Michael for an update. Michael said that he had not heard from FTDI but that he will ping them again and see if there are any updates. thank you, Jon
  8. Hi @xzsawq21, Here is the Vivado Design Suite User Guide Creating and Packaging Custom IP and here is the Vivado Design Suite User Guide Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator. My understanding is that the custom IP initially handles the AXI bus and through the process of creating the IP you will add in RTL to accomplish a desired result. The add a module allows an RTL module to connect to the AXI bus. The guides linked will be able to give a better explanation for each process. thank you, Jon
  9. jpeyron

    Pmod wifi Interface

    Hi @Pavani Ganisetti, Here is a YouTube video tutorial on using the Pmod WIFI. It uses an Artix-7 development board so the specifics are different but the overall process will be the same. Here is the zedboard getting started with zynq tutorial that should be helpful with getting to know the ZYNQ processor. The AXI GPIO is used with this specific example. When connecting additional IP Cores through the axi bus to the zynq/microblaze processors vivado adds the axi interconnect and axi processor system reset. thank you, Jon
  10. Hi @xzsawq21, The add a module function works with the zynq processor as well. What zynq board are you using? Here is another tutorial for using the custom ip core if you would still prefer to use the custom ip core instead of the add a module function. thank you, Jon
  11. jpeyron

    Sending data from HC-05 to RN-42

    Hi @Sami Malik, I have not used trigger mode with the Pmod BT2. The commands are as follows: Trigger Master Mode (SM command, 2): whenever a character is received on the local UART, it automatically connects to a slave who had been previously paired. The connection remains active for a programmable interval between 1 and 255 seconds Here is an arduino example for using command mode. Here and here are tutorials that might be helpful as well. thank you, Jon
  12. Hi @xzsawq21, Can you be more specific on what your project is trying to accomplish? Are you trying to show hours and minutes on a seven segment display using microblaze and AXI4 IP cores? You might benefit from using the Add A Module function in the Vivado Block design as described in this forum thread. The add a module allows you to use a Verilog module with microblaze and the AXI bus. thank you, Jon
  13. jpeyron

    pmod wifi

    Hi @harika COM1 is not used to communicate with usb devices connected externally. You should be using the other generated COM Port that you mentioned in your post(COM15). Typically Windows assigns the same com port to the same usb device each time it is connected. You do not get to choose the COM Port you would like to use to communicate to the device but rather Windows assigns a COM Port to the device. Window allows the user to un-assign COM Ports effectively allowing you to alter which COM Port the device uses. My understanding is that when you re-connect the removed device then Windows will re-assign it the lowest unassigned COM Port. thank you, Jon
  14. jpeyron

    Pmod SDK

    Hi @Azesinte, Here is a verified and completed Vivado 2018.2 Nexys 4DDR Pmod GPS project. Make sure to use the Digilent board files and the most current Vivado Library. I have attached some screen shot of the process in Vivado and the tera term result after configuring the board in SDK. In the clocking wizard did you make the reset type active low? In your block design you did not connect the interrupt on the Pmod GPS to the concat ip core. What is your plan for the switches? I also included the DDR. cheers, Jon
  15. jpeyron

    GPS Pmod

    Hi @HelplessGuy, I was not able to run your project without getting error in the SDK. Please try the attached project. thank you, Jon