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  1. jpeyron

    How to restore FT2232 EEPROM back to factory settings?

    Hi @mishu, I sent you a PM about this. thank you, Jon
  2. Hi @Cherrih, To add to @JColvin's post here is the Vivado 2018.3 - System Generator for DSP that should hopefully help with setting up a custom board. thank you, Jon
  3. jpeyron

    Display image using VGA from block RAM

    Hi @khaledismail, Welcome to the Digilent Forums! Here is a forum thread that discusses using an image in bram and sending out the data through the VGA port. thank you, Jon
  4. jpeyron

    PMOD MTDS text font sizes

    Hi @jamesW, In the MTDS Library Programmer's Reference Manual found here: MTDS\Documentation in the section Font Objects it states that "Version 1 of the MTDS display device firmware only provides a single font, hfntConsole. Future versions of the system may provide additional built-in fonts and provide the ability to load fonts from files stored on the SD card.". Currently we do not have an ETA for the next version of firmware for the MTDS. thank you, Jon
  5. jpeyron

    Pmod MTDS Display dark Display after 10-20min

    Hi @MSchleeh, 1) Which Demo are you running? 2) Or are you using a custom application? 3) Up until the screen goes black on the Pmod MTDS, does the project works as expected? thank you, Jon
  6. jpeyron

    Pmod library not found in Vivado 2014.4

    Hi @Danny Armstrong, 1) make sure you have added the vivado library to the ip repository by clicking into the project setting and selecting ip and adding the path to the vivado library on your PC in the IP Repository. 2) It is my understanding that you can add the pmod ip cores to the block design by clicking the add ip button and type pmod then select which pmod you would like to have added to the block design. thank you, Jon
  7. jpeyron

    PMOD CAN with UltraZed

    Hi @julianop99, You can ignore these warnings. Vivado is telling you that part of the Pmod Out port is not being used. thank you, Jon
  8. jpeyron

    NexysDDR4 example projects

    Hi @pierre antony, Glad to hear you were able to get the project working. Thank you for sharing what you did to fix the issue. cheers, Jon
  9. jpeyron

    artix nexys 4 and keyboard

    Hi @gummadi Teja, Here is Digilent's Verilog Nexys 4 DDR keyboard project and here is a link to the GitHub for the project which has source files. cheers, Jon
  10. jpeyron

    Does Pmod WiFi IP include ad-hoc WiFi function?

    Hi @conanandai100, My understanding is that the PmodBT2 does allow for peer to peer communication between multiple PmodBT2. The PmodBT2 IP Core does not support this. You would need to add this function to the IP core. Here are some helpful links: Bluetooth Data Module Command Reference & Advanced Information User’s Guide and the Bluetooth Basics where SparkFun uses the RF-42 as their example Bluetooth device as well as the How to Auto-Connect 2 PmodBT2's Together you linked above. thank you, Jon
  11. jpeyron

    Pmod library not found in Vivado 2014.4

    Hi @Danny Armstrong, 1) I do not have Vivado 2014.4 installed, please attach screen shot of what you see in the board tab of Vivado 2014.4's block design. 2) Looking at the board_part it does not look like we constrained the Pmod Ports as part of the board files for the Older vivado board files. I will reach out to our content team to verify. Currently, I would suggest to right click on the pmod out bus and click make external. After you are finished with the block design create a wrapper and constrain pmod out pins with an XDC. UPDATE: I confirmed that we did not constrain the Pmod Ports in the Older board files. If you are having trouble with getting the external pins constrained we can help you resolve this issue. Along with the screen shot of the Vivado block design please also attach the projects wrapper and xdc file. thank you, Jon
  12. jpeyron

    Vivado Bitstream Generation

    Hi @Hunaina, Have you tried reaching out to the two people maintaining the project here or here for more information about their Test Bench? The Test Bench may have initially be referring to function "int init_calltf(char*user_data)" in aes_init.h and the function "init_reset_calltf(char*user_data)" in aes_init_reset.h. Might try changing the $init to $init_calltf("probably a global Char *"); and init_reset_calltf("probably a global Char *"); thank you, Jon
  13. jpeyron

    Zybo and PmodCAN

    Hi @julianop99, Here and here are forum threads that deal with using the PmodCAN that should be helpful for your project. thank you, Jon
  14. jpeyron

    Does Pmod WiFi IP include ad-hoc WiFi function?

    Hi @conanandai100, Unfortunately, We do not support ad hoc for the Pmod WIFI. thank you, Jon
  15. jpeyron

    PMOD CAN with UltraZed

    Hi @Juliano Pimentel, I have included screen shots of what I was describing using a Zedboard(Zynq) and the PmodCAN making the T pins external. The wrapper names for the T Pins are used in the XDC to constrain the JA Pmod Port Pins of the Zedboard. thank you, Jon