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  1. Hi @BeamPower, Thank you for the feedback. I'm sorry for the frustration/inconvenience that this has caused. I have passed your concerns on to the appropriate people. thank you, Jon
  2. Hi @sychu, I am not an a very experience user of the Analog Discovery so I am tagging the engineer that will be able to give you the best answers to your questions( @attila). Also Here and here are some great reference material for the analog discovery specifications. And here is the Waveforms 2015 reference manual. thank you, Jon
  3. Hi @ibtyn, The PmodWifi upgrade because a the axi quad spi block within it was upgraded in this version of vivado. In this case, I do not believe this will make an issue. I did find a thread on the xilinx forum talking about these warning here. In this situation vivado only removed a parameter that should not effect the operation of the PmodWifi IP core. What develop board are you using? I.E. Arty, Zybo... You do not need to use an the PmodSD . The SD is where the webpages are being stored. You will need to make changes to the SDK demo code for the PmodWifi to reflect your simpler design. cheers, Jon
  4. Hi @BeamPower, Unfortunately we currently do not have any HDL or an IP core for the PmodMIC3. Will that being said you should still be able to accomplish your goal with either board. I also found a project for the PmodMIC3 here done by @hamster with the Basys 3. cheers, Jon
  5. Hi @BeamPower, I would close your project. It looks like you are now doing the Cmod A7 GPIO project correct? If that is correct then open the Cmod-a7-35T-gpio-master folder, then click into project and double click on cleanup. Then start the tutorial over. thank you, Jon
  6. Hi @Avery, Sorry about the confusion, some of the Arty-Z7-20 projects could work for the PYNQ-Z1. I was looking through the examples on the website for the PYNQ-Z1 and I didn't see a "HDMI-IN". If you are using a project for the PYNQ-Z1 from here then I would suggest to use the forums provided for the PYNQ-Z1 here. Again sorry for the confusion. cheers, Jon
  7. Hi @Fredp, Unfortunately we do not have a circuit on the JTAG-SMT2-NC like on the Zedboard that would let you know it is powered correctly(pgood led). Once software connects to the JTAG-SMT2_NC you would be able to take meaningful o-scope reading that would give you more knowledge of whats going on. thank you, Jon
  8. Hi @kmbm, Have you made a vivado/sdk project using the PmodGPS without the embedded Linux to make sure that you have the hardware done correctly. Where are you trying to use the PmodGP?. Are you outside? Are you in a building if so are you near a window? thank you, Jon
  9. Hi @Avery, I do not have a lot of experience with the HDMI projects I have reached out to the creator of the "HDMI IN" for the Arty-Z7-20. This is the project you are talking about correct? cheers, Jon
  10. Hi @sychu, The AD I believe is available currently here for a limited time(I don't know time frame for limited). If you need signals to change at the exact time you can input delays. Here is the Waveforms 2015 reference manual. Here is the Waveforms SDK reference manual. Here is the Digilent Analog Discovery Support from MATLAB webpage. cheers, Jon
  11. Hi @sychu, We are in contact with Mathworks but would not be able to give an ETA or timeline. cheers, Jon
  12. Hi @jsierra, We will be looking at the board_files to see if we can find anything wrong there. In the mean time could you post the errors that you are getting? thank you, Jon
  13. Hi @pamcheese, Here is a link to our learn page that have some basic switch connecting to a led in verilog using a different board so you would need to use different pins in the ucf. here is our resource page that have some demo project available on the bottom for reference. cheers, Jon
  14. chipkit

    Hi @JovanYong, The easiest way to make sure is add php lines to your html page and see if they run. I don't believe there is php support built into the http server at this point you would have to add the necessary support for it to work. thank you, Jon
  15. Hi @Fredp, I reached out to our design engineer about this issue. They think that iMPACT is not detecting the JTAG-SMT2-NC. It is more than likely an installation issue. I would suggest installing the latest version of the Adept System (assuming this is windows) and running the Adept GUI to see if the SMT2 device is recognized. This should also result in the IDCODE of any devices being displayed in the window. thank you, Jon