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  1. Artix-A7 non-GUI development

    Hi @bmentink, Can you attach the errors that you are getting in vivado as well as your xdc and top file if you are able? thank you, Jon
  2. uC32 with Pmod Shield and PmodWifi

    Hi @joelcrouch, We have been researching the compatibility of all three components being used together this afternoon. We will be able to get a response for you early next week. Sorry for the inconvenience. thank you, Jon
  3. Zybo I2c Master

    Hi @david.600, You will need to download the Vivado library here. The specific Pmod IP is here and the relevent code is main.c, PmodCMPS2.c, PmodCMPS2.h and Here is a tutorial on how to use the Pmod IP's. cheers, Jon
  4. Artix-A7 non-GUI development

    Hi @bmentink, I am sorry for the confusion. Here is a forum question that discusses the topic of programming flash from Linux command line. Unfortunately programming flash in Adept 2 is only available through the GUI. The Adept 2 GUI is not available in Linux. Adept 2 does not facilitate programming flash for the Artix7 from the GUI. I would suggest to reach out to Xilinx support here to help you facilitate a programming flash from the command line in Linux. thank you, Jon
  5. Support

    Hi @karyn, I verified with the creator of the Adept 2 software that you would not be able to read the program on the board using Adept 2. I researched the AVR program and it facilitates a read function as describe in the reference manual here on page 4. Unfortunately, I have no experience with the AVR program. If your board is one of the AVR devices described above you should be able to read the program on flash and have it written to a file on your computer. Then you would be able to program the flash on another AVR device with the file from your current board. thank you, Jon
  6. Hi @cjobi247, Open the help tab on waveform 2015 click on the spectrum and look at the dynamic section attached below. You can export the data and apply the algorithm shown. cheers, Jon
  7. Zybo I2c Master

    Hi @david.600, I would look at our vivado library here. We have IP cores that use spi, I2c, uart and gpio. If you look towards the bottom of this website here we have out pmods listed with what communication they use. I would suggest to look at the Pmod CPMS2 as an example if using I2C with the zybo being the master. Here is the AXI IIC Bus Interface v2.0 LogiCORE IP Product Guide that should be useful as well. cheers, Jon
  8. Keyboard interfacing in basys 3

    Hi @Archana100@, To figure out what is happening I would suggest running a simulation. Here is a vivado tutorial that should help you find where the issue is and be able to resolve it. It is a little dated but the general flow is still good. Also, Here is a working keyboard demo that should help you with your project as well. cheers, Jon
  9. Artix-A7 non-GUI development

    Hi @bmentink, Once you download and install Adept 2 utilities, runtime and sdk you should be able to find the Digilent Adept 2 sdk folder which has examples and documentation. On my windows machine the folder was added here. Here is the Cmod-A7 resource center. On the Cmod-A7 resource page there is a tutorial on how to program the flash from sdk here and how to program flash from the hardware manager in Vivado here. Adept 2 does facilitate the ability to program flash for the older fpga's like the Spartan-6 and the Spartan-3E but unfortunately not for the newer fpga's like the Artix 7. thank you, Jon
  10. making U-boot.elf For Zybo Zynq

    HI @nattaponj, The links on step 20 of the Instructable you linked seem to not work. Where are you getting the u-boot files? Also If you were interested in petalinux Here is the Quick start guide along with an instructable here. thank you, Jon
  11. PIC24 Code

    Hi @ying, Here is a forum thread that talks about the PIC24's code. We do not sell the PIC24 separately. What are you trying to do with the PIC24? cheers, Jon
  12. Support

    Hi @karyn, I do want to clarify that the Adept 2 software does not support all FPGAs and the AVR programmer does not support all AVR devices. Adept 2 software is geared toward the FPGA's that Digilent has used in our products and the AVR programmer will program the following AVR devices: AT90USB162, AT90USB646, ATmega168, ATmega2560, ATmega48, ATmega64, ATmega165P, ATmega88, ATtiny24, And ATmega64 using the In System Programming (ISP) protocol. thank you, Jon
  13. Support

    Hi @karyn, Both the ARV programmer and the Adept 2 software are still available and as far as I am aware being supported. The resource page for the Arv programmer is here which includes a reference manual. The Adept 2 software resource page is here which also includes a reference manual. What board are you trying to read from? thank you, Jon
  14. Hi @TM-san, Could you please attache a screen shot of the selection what you are selecting before you get the connection refused error. thank you, Jon
  15. OEM Volume Discounts

    Hi @cyberjjk, Our sales team will have the most accurate information for you regarding volume discounts. You can contact them by emailing thank you, Jon