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  1. jpeyron

    CMOD S6 - Need a "Guide to program CMOD S6 SPI Flash"

    Hi @VVM-Maxcess, Are you able to see the Cmod S6 in the device manager in ports and universal serial bus controller? Please download Adept 2 here. Is adept 2 able to recognize the Cmod S6? Here is the Cmod S6 resource center. The Cmod S6 factory-loaded demonstration project on the Cmod S6 resource center is a verified project to test the Cmod S6. thank you, Jon
  2. Hi @Marty, Correct, I believe that was why @JColvin stated 10. thank you, Jon
  3. jpeyron

    JTAG-HS1 with breadboardable CoolRunner-II

    Hi @Jaime_mc2, The JTAG-HS1 will work with this cpld as shown in the reference manual under Supported Target Devices here. I believe the ISE made for window 10 only works with spartan 6 devices. You might need to use the original ISE 14.7 either in a VM or try to get it working in window 10. thank you, Jon
  4. jpeyron

    Digilent PMOD CON2

    Hi @Marzhan, I was stating that the vdd available from the pmod ports on the Zedboard are 3.3v . You would not be able to power the Hamamatsu H10682(needs 5v) from the pmod ports of the Zedboard. You would need to power the Hamamatsu H10682 separately. Also digital high for the Hamamatsu H10682 starts at 3.5v. The Pmod ports are 3.3v I/O. You would need a level shifter to make the output from the Hamamatsu H10682 work with the Zedboard. thank you, Jon
  5. jpeyron

    ChipKit uc32 and Analog Shield

    Hi @TCTeis, Glad to hear that mpide has solved the issue. For your arduino ide are you using the chipkit core or the digilent core? thank you, Jon
  6. jpeyron

    NexysVideo PHY-MAC routed delay path

    Hi @s71239@, I have reached out to one of our layout engineers about this forum thread. It maybe a few days before i get a response. thank you, Jon
  7. Hi @Marty, Glad to hear you fixed the issue. thank you, Jon
  8. jpeyron


    Hi @Matt R., Welcome to the forums! Hope you're enjoying the Analog Discovery 2. thank you, Jon
  9. jpeyron

    ZedBoard + Pmod CAN error in project

    Hi @jackn, You do not have to have to use the interrupts. The demos we have do not use the interrupts. To add the interrupt you would click into the zynq processor as shown in the screen shot attached. You would use a concat block to connect the two different interrupts. Something similar to the screen shot. Iam not using the clocking wizard but rather the clock in the zynq processor. thank you, Jon
  10. jpeyron

    Zybo-Z7-20-pcam-5c many include files missing

    Hi @qwaserdf, What version of vivado/sdk are you using? Did you try re-generating the bsp? Can you attach a screen shot of your sdk? thank you,
  11. jpeyron

    writing data(from UART0) to DDR memory and reading the processed data(to UART1) from DDR

    Hi @Sridhar Prasath Aruppukottai Ganesan, Can you attach a screen shot of what your block design looks like? For the uartlite you will need to right click on the uartlte out and select make external and then constraint the pins with the xdc. Are you using the zynq processor? thank you, Jon
  12. jpeyron

    Digilent PMOD CON2

    Hi @Marzhan, I do not believe the Pmod Con2 would work in this situation.The pmod ports on the Zedboard do not supply 5v as shown here so you would need to power Hamamatsu H10682 from an external source. You might be able to use the Pmod LVLSHFT to bring the 3.5 high down to 3.3 cmos digital high so that the zedboard would be able to work with Hamamatsu H10682. thank you, Jon
  13. jpeyron

    HDMI Demo have some error

    Hi @Hajime, Have you tried deleting the videodemo_bsp. Then create a new board support package called videodemo_bsp. Hit ok for all the question that sdk will ask. Does this solve the errors? I might be easier to download vivado 2016.4 and use this project in the version of vivado it was made in. thank you, Jon
  14. jpeyron

    writing data(from UART0) to DDR memory and reading the processed data(to UART1) from DDR

    Hi @Sridhar Prasath Aruppukottai Ganesan, UART0 and UART1 are tied to the ps. If you are needing to connect these two modules to pmod ports through uart communication the i would use the axi uartlite or axi uart 16550. I would not use JE since this is tied directly to the ps and would be more difficult to get working. Is this project going to be baremetal through vivado/sdk or are you going to use embedded linux such as petalinux? thank you, Jon
  15. jpeyron

    Zybo-Z7-20-pcam-5c many include files missing

    Hi @qwaserdf, Vivado projects are version specific. To use this project in 2016.4 make sure to follow this tutorial. If you are experiencing these sdk errors then right click into the pcam_vdma_hdmi_bsp and regenerate the bsp. If this does not work then delete the pcam_vdma_hdmi_bsp and create a new board support package with the same name pcam_vdma_hdmi_bsp with the original bsp settings. thank you, Jon