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  1. Did you specify the UIO device name when starting the kernel? i.e. with kernel boot parameter: ui_pdrv_genirq.of_id=\"generic-uio\"
  2. Here is a link to an example given by Yohboy above
  3. Thanks - I will check the technical reference manual for more information.
  4. Thanks! Sorry for another possibly dumb question - where are these values derived from?
  5. Hi Yohan Thanks for the reply, I am just coming back to this after a few days on other work. I have a question: Where are the symbols defined that you use to configure the GPIO: GPIO_TRI_OFFSET, GPIO_GLOBAL_IRQ, GPIO_IRQ_CONTROL? Thanks!
  6. I've been investigating the different options for interacting with the PL from the PS running Linux and have been having some issues with interrupts using userspace I/O (uio). I'm wondering if someone can help. The board is a Zedboard, and I am using the Xilinx Linux kernel version 4.6. The fabric design is quite simple, as you can see in the block diagram*, with an interrupt from the gpio block connected to the Zedboard buttons. This works when running a bare machine application (the interrupt fires). It also works when I specify the device as a GPIO device in the device-tree: --sni