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  1. Thanks a lot for your answers! The thing is that I really want to use MPLAB X as this is the environment used in Imagination Technologies University Programm - just because it was mentioned: there are no examples in there on how to use the I2C-bus. Thanks anyway - I will just keep on trying!
  2. Hi there, I am using the chipKIT Wi-FIRE with the basic I/O shield and MPLABX IDE. I want to read out the temperature sensor of the I/O shield via I2C and write the value to the OLED display. I do see a value on the OLED-display that reacts on the sensors environment (i.e. it increases when I put my finger on the sensor), however it is clearly wrong as I get 360°C for room temperature (before anyone asks: I know I have to multiply the sensor value with 2^-4 to get a the correct numerical value). To initialize the bus and read out the sensor value I followed an example found on https://sit