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  1. Hello! I have the following question. Is it possible to read Zynq temperature via XADC when working with Digilent Linux distro on PYNQ-Z1 board? Thanks!
  2. Hi gcsipkes! Yes, i know that, but, for example, If we calculate the compensation circuit for second channel: if using type II, then R255 = (2pi * Fc * Vout * C177)/(Gm * Gmps * VREF), We know, that Fsw about 1MHz, because R257 = 150K, then Fc = 10^5. I know, that VREF = 0.8 V (I read the data from the TPS65400 using I2C). Ok, then R255 must be about 48K (for type III - about 12K). I understand that the value of the R257 = 100K is taken with a margin. And i understand that the values of C173 and C176 most likely was defined from bench test. But i don`t understand reasons for using value o
  3. Hi gcsipkes! The problem is that if you calculate the values of the elements according to the formulas from the datasheet (with electrical parameters of PYNQ-Z1 board), these values will not match the values of the elements that are installed on the board. Thank you!
  4. Hello! I bought PINQ-Z1 and I liked your solution, to use as a power supply chip TPS65400. I decided to use this chip in my solution. Could you explain how you calculated the values of the elements of the compensation scheme for TPS65400 (C167, C168, C172, C173, C179, C180, C184, C185, R252, R255, R262, R265). Thank you!