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  1. Hi @jpeyron, Thanks a lot for helping!!!!! Vivado is showing the memory programming window in the separate hardware manager. It's working now, thanks again!
  2. This is the window I get. When I use the "Program Device" the FPGA is flashed with the bit/bin file, but this is the non permanent version. So the FPGA is working.
  3. I still can't permanently flash the FPGA. I follow the tutorial step by step and still nothing. when I flashed the FPGA Vivad0 2017.1 shows this message: "Flash programming completed successfully." But when i cycle the power the FPGA isn't flashed with my program. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Hi, I'm working with the Cmod A7 Artix7 FPGA. I'm finishing my project and would like to upload the bin file to the SPI flash so when there is a power cycle the fpga doesn't have to be programed. When I follow the instructions from this link: With those instruction, I can upload using JTAG, but it's not permanent, I can create a bin file and Vivado 2017.1 says it's uploaded. But when I cycle the power the program haven’t been saved. What can I do about this? Kind regards, Thom