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  1. BigGuy1000

    Logger in local WFL

    Yes, Moderator is correct, as originally posted the instructions were to put the extracted files into the wrong folder!!! Thanks for correcting, makes more sense now!!!!
  2. BigGuy1000

    Logger in local WFL

    Please doublecheck the advice given in step 4!!!!
  3. I have used the data logger in Waveforms Live on the Web, and it works fine so far, though it says Beta! But I do not find the Logger in the localhost version 1.1.2 which I will need to use where there is no Web connection. Perhaps I am not finding a version which has it, or perhaps it is to be in a future version. Please advise! I do understand that it is a significant programming effort to create!!!
  4. BigGuy1000

    OpenScope Mechanical STL Files

    New to 3d printing here, wish to know, what material is recommended here and what measurement unit are used for these .stl files??? -Thanks,