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  1. This schematic works; But I don't seen any graphich. Edit : I found this guide :
  2. Ok. Thanks, AD2 tool have a some error Digilent Wf tools (old tool), signal generator works fine. Do you send me basically scope read schematic?
  3. Hi Austin, I have installed AD2 tool. İs there any explain document step by step?
  4. mustafayilmaz

    Real signals

    Labview very complicated for analog discovery. I want to process real signals simply. İs there any way Analog discovery scope using as analog input/output? (And digital signals) Like this :
  5. Hi all. How to using discovery 1 with the labview or multisim? I don't find any document or video about this. What difference Discovery 1 and 2? This work is not possibble Discovery 1? Regards.