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  1. [email protected], Definitely want to follow your progress... The example is now working for me ---For anyone else who lands on this thread: I switched to a different computer to generate the HDMI stream and it seems to work fine and seems very capable. Sam
  2. [email protected], Your project sounds very interesting. I'm still at step 0 -- trying to get the example to work: This is the design that I was trying to compile This post provided critical information that I was missing the library - I then switched to the provided .zip file: I see this post (for a different board) which suggests the design is resolution sensitive: I think this may be the answer My plan today is to force on of these resolutions and see what happens. Once I can get the basic demo going I too would like to get pass-through going in Verilog! Sam
  3. Folks, I was able to get the HDMI demo to build (using the library hint provided elsewhere in this forum). The two different test patterns work but I can not get HDMI input/passthrough to work. The green LED next to the HDMI port lights up when I plug it in but I consistently get the message "!HDMI UNPLUGGED!" after Video Capture Resolution. I have tried different resolutions -- my only other guess is to try different computers. Any hints?? Sam