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  1. lurcher

    CMOD A7 Comms problem

    Ok, so on Windows I still have the same problem. Unable to get the serial terminal to connect to the port while the SDK has the JTAG open. Also, I can't get Windows to enumerate a port unless I select the VCF option in the driver dialogue, but I have failed so far in finding out exactly what that does. On Linux, its much better, working in fact. As long as I use a USB3 port and the newer cable it all works, serial portand programming can coexist and I have Hello World from the terminal. So looks like I will be using my Linux system to develop instead of the Windows laptop. Thanks for folk helping out. Now to try and make it do something useful...
  2. lurcher

    CMOD A7 Comms problem

    I am a bit confused with this bit in the guide "Make sure that the Cmod A7 is turned on and connected to the host PC via both the JTAG USB port and the UART USB port." AFAIK, there is only the one USB connector on the board. Also what does "turned on" mean in this context?
  3. lurcher

    CMOD A7 Comms problem

    I am almost sucessful with that tutorial. I get to 11. Programming FPGA with Bit File And upload to the device, and it shows the FPGA in the hardware manager. But then I can't open the serial port (looks like you show in device manager) unless I exit the SDK and looks like a conflict between the USB JTAG endpoint and the serial one.
  4. lurcher

    CMOD A7 Comms problem

    OK, third USB cable seems to be better. I can get the serial port to exist if I enable the VCF option in the setup dialog (no idea) what that means. And with this cable it seems to reliably allow me to program the device. But not at the same time. Is it normal that you cant have both endpoints open at the same time? All the docs don;t mention this. Still not got "hello world" out of the port yet though.
  5. lurcher

    CMOD A7 Comms problem

    Thanks for those replies. I will try another USB cable and see if one out of three works, its not a case of one works badly and the other works fine, its a case of one doesn’t work at all, and one works intermittently. I have installed the Adept utilities. Your point about using a powered hub might be worth a try. Not sure what power the cmod a7 needs, will check. I have a USB -> 232 cable that works fine, but I am not sure how that will help me getting the A7 to play.
  6. lurcher

    CMOD A7 Comms problem

    Hi, trying to get a Cmod A7 to play. I seem to be consistently having USB based problems. Tried first on Linux, eventually got it working but seemed unreliable, and only seems to work (when it does) with a USB3 port. Having had those problems, I tried the same on a Windows 7 laptop. Again USB problems. Did get it to detect the board a couple of times, so I could upload from Xilinx to the board, but never got the serial emulator working. In device manager shows up as "USB Serial Controller A" (and B), but never gets mapped to a port. Also seems to be cable dependent. It worked a little with one cable, not at all with another. Anyone else seeing this, or any suggestions? The fact that two machines with different OS's are having problems makes me suspect the USB port on the Cmod. Both machines work fine with AVR programming via a Dragon and a USB -> Serial converter, so AFAIK there is nothing broken with the USB ports.
  7. HI, Just joined. Trying to get a CMOD A7 working. Will post a question in the proper place. But hello all anyway :-)