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  1. @artvvb Actually I found part of the code this website. (line 47 ). I don't know clearly. I saw on the SDK my data 0x001B. @[email protected] , I used SSD with buttons and switches it is working. Test was passed. but I did not project my problem is I am bad at verilog
  2. I see your code.. My code is this one and my S_AXI_WDATA is Hex I wan to see decimal on seven segment display Thanks @[email protected]
  3. Unfortunately no I did not solve.
  4. thanks a lot @[email protected] for every thing I am not good at English so somewhere I did not understand . but you are awesome becasue you want to solve every problem. I hope I can explain. @artvvb I use Pmod tmp3 and my pmod is writing data with hex. For example 0x01B. and I create seven segment IP and I want to see for example 27 on the two digit seven segment display.I hope I can explain. thanks a lot.
  5. thanks your answer @[email protected] Actually I want to ask this : My input data hexadecimal but I want to 8 bit binary
  6. Hello to everyone, I'm getting the hex data in the processor and I want to print to pmod ssd. I have an incorrect number. How do I decode 8 bits of hex data? I am not good at English,sorry
  7. Thanks for your answer. @Notarobot @jpeyron
  8. Thanks for your answer @[email protected] . I tried the link you directed and I got the error in the following photo. I can not do Make External for PMODTMP3 Out
  9. Hello to everyone, I want to show the temperature data with Teraterm . I get from PMOD TMP3 . But I have to design the PMOD TMP3 IP and I do not know what is the difference with led_ip_design on the link there. https://forums.xilinx.com/xlnx/attachments/xlnx/gendis/16930/1/adding ip.pdf Can you help me? How can I show the temperature data?