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  1. @D@n Yes, it helped! But there were other bugs we needed to fix to correct our design. Thanks for your help and concern!.
  2. @D@n problem solved. Thanks a lot!
  3. @D@n sorry for replying you late.. I will take a look. thanks.
  4. we use a button to boot the cpu from flash.(our RTL code defines that) in slow mode, when we push a button,spi controller move part of data from flash to our mmu(including imem and dmem). When it finished, we read instruction from our mmu and execute it. in fast mode,when need to push a button twice to do the same(the interval is defined by the manufacture)
  5. @D@n sorry for replying you late. Thanks for your advice. Yes, i do the configuration via QSPI successfully when my configuration mode is in QSPI mode.(does this mean i can only access flash when my configuration mode is in QSPI mode?) i have tried my code in flash behavior verilog model provided by the manufacture .it works fine.(s25fl256.v)
  6. @D@n still don't work.. i used an oscillograph to detect the spi_sck and IO0 pin outside the flash, they seem right. but there is no signal in IO1(it remains zero) how can this be?.. (probably flash is broken?) Can you help me?
  7. @D@n sure, as long as it publishes.
  8. @D@n when our paper is published. I will ask my teacher's permission, if i get the permission, i will post it. A word can never be withdrawn。 thanks again!
  9. @D@n i really don't know whether it's my final bug.. i am sorry. The code wasn't written by me, my seniors and teathers wrote it.i can't post it right now..i don't have the power..
  10. @D@n thanks for your patient and profession! thanks!
  11. @D@n "It should not appear in your top level port list. It only appears in the STARTUPE2 primitive." you mean spi_sck can't be an output of top module? and besides startupe2, spi_sck maybe appears in spi_controller?(because it generates spi_sck..) (i know these questions are silly, forgive me...) anyway, thanks a lot~
  12. thanks a lot! thank you! i am not a native English speaker, so i didn't get it.... sorry thanks again! it's so kind of you to help me