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  1. Some good news, its seem the issue is not with the SPI communication, I can configure the contrast and other setting on the display I can see the pattern increase and decrease in brightness. The display also only turns on when I send the Spi2PutByte(0xAF); command so i'm sure messages are being received. I feel like i'm getting close to the issue.
  2. I've run the clock at 8Mhz and below with so change in results also, I'm using SPI1 for my application. I saw I posted SPI2STATbits.SPIROV = 0; but its SPI1STATbits.SPIROV = 0; in my code. Thanks for the hit but still no luck.
  3. Thank for the tip but no luck so far. But I'll keep troubleshooting. If you think of anything else please let me know. Thanks
  4. Sure, see the snippet below for the PmodOLED that I've updated: I'm using MPLABSX XC16 void OledHostInit() { // Initialize SPI port 2. /* The following code sequence shows SPI register configuration for Master mode */ IFS0bits.SPI1IF = 0; // Clear the Interrupt flag IEC0bits.SPI1IE = 0; // Disable the interrupt // SPI1CON1 Register Settings SPI1CON1bits.DISSCK = 0; // Internal serial clock is enabled SPI1CON1bits.DISSDO = 0; // SDOx pin is controlled by the module SPI1CON1bits.MODE16 = 0; // Communication is word-wide (16 bits) SPI
  5. Hi, I'm trying to get the Pmod OLED to work with the PIC24F32KA302, I've used the template file and modified all the register appropriately but I cant get the display to work. It turns on and always display garbage when I try writing to it and even clear the OLED doesn't seem to work, the display does respond to SPI command but just the displays different just pixels. any thoughts on what might be wrong, I can post some code if it helps.